Should an artist be able to sue because someone used a similar melody in their song?

decided to impose a limit on the text length of user profiles. But rather than informing users about it and giving them the chance to revise their profiles, or only imposing the limit on users who didn't already exceed the new profile length limit, they've simply truncated every profile that exceeded the new limit.


An explainer about what is Wagner Group. Very detailed and verifiable.

Why does every IT department have to do 4 hour of interviews with 6 people? Why do I need to be interviewed by the MDM manager? All any deskside IT role involves with regard to MDM is me making trivial changes to user accounts. I don't need to be scrutinized for half an hour for them to know I can click widgets on a web page.

Put on Jean Michel Jarre to test something. Look up and realize I've been listening for an hour.

Why don't water dispensers have a "human body temperature" option instead of just hot, cold and room temperature.

Life pro tip: Never leave your phone face up on your desk at work.

Unfortunately democracy means wealthy people can change the vote so they get more.

There's no such thing as a healthy democracy.

Also I dislike when the package says "egg salad sandwich" but I get it out of the package and discover it's "egg salad with cucumber sandwich." I guess I should know by now to read the ingredients label.

I would like for things not to be that I have to have a medical professional write an official document stating that I should be treated as a human with biological functions which may be different in ways that could impede my ability to function within a rigid structure of rules.

I bought the Apple Watch 7 with the sport band. I have contact dermatitis and I cannot feel it on my skin. It's like it's not even there.

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