imagine like, having the time and energy to Do things. what the fuck???

Not entirely sure Howie Mandel and Pitbull aren't the same person

It's always funny when someone thinks you like them, and you don't.
They're so worried about embarrassing you, so they end up embarrassing themselves instead.

Years ago I was like, "hey everybody! Life is a shit show. Right to live? More like right to die."
No one liked it.
Look where everyone is at now.
The existential dread is spreading. Noice.

I kinda think that the retro controller companies are missing out on an opportunity to just make a very weird Saturn/Dreamcast/OG Xbox combined controller that's just round and beefy with six face buttons and analogue triggers.

The best christmas tradition is to torment the rich tonight until they promise to pay for disabled children's health care.

I remember the time I found out my mom also watches Kill la Kill.

I keep finding myself saying "EAT MY ASS" when someone upsets me.

I wonder what that's about.

Some art I finished recently that I'm getting ready to ship out to their new homes. :coolcat: :apartyblobcat: 💖

It's 1am and I'm crying.

Ya know, normal late night shenanigans.

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