Be on the ridge, be on top, feeling above everything is probably arrogant, but such a never-ending #wilderness reminds you that you're nothing. But don't worry, you can be everything to someone, and together we can change the world.
#mountain #nature #photography #sunrise

@betazoid67 I only use FOSS:
* digiKam (Professional Photo Management with the Power of Open Source):
* RawTherapee (Cross-Platform Raw Image Processing Program):
* GIMP (Cross-Platform Image Editor):
* HDRMerge (Cross-Platform Exposure Fusion Program):
* Hugin (Cross-Platform Panoramic Imaging Toolchain):

What about you?

@explorewilder I also use open source photography software, mainly RT and dt. Sometimes ART

@betazoid67 Ha! I just didn't link the acronym to the real name. But I've never used Darktable. I've also heard about but I'm happy with GIMP/RT.

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