Hey Apple,

Saying you block trackers but not blocking Google Analytics is like saying you practice safe sex when you cut off the heads of your condoms.

A guy who makes an app that actually blocks trackers

first time setting up a git server with stagit frontend (gitea doesn't count)

i can't believe i've spent so many years without using git hooks

Just got a new domain. Not sure if betoissues.com is cooler than albertocastillog.com and it's worth changing to using the first one as main domain.

i need an explanation of why are there multiple copy register. i.e. when you copy something inside vim it can go to PRIMARY or CLIPBOARD. why not stay with a single register? is there a historical reason behind this?

I almost got into a conversation with an Arch user who hadn't updated his system in a year and was remarkably proud of this fact. He was about to begin the update. I was tempted to stick around and watch the disaster unfold but decided against. I can't believe anyone wouldn't update their Arch install in a year. Remember folks, these people walk amongst us, they express opinionsand can vote. Scary shit. #arch

Going back from Mastodon's basic to advanced interface felt like information overload and I started feel a bit antsy. Fixed it with a small #CSS.


ashwinvis/mastodon-relax: A relaxed view for Mastodon's advanced interface.

Should crossposters that does not check mastodon be allowed?

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normal citizen to the police: "I pay your salary"

No you dont. Theres a difference between paying for a service and getting robbed.

When the mafia "offers" you "protection", they arent there to serve you. Thats just what they say to make it sound nice so they dont get into as many fights.

Useful configuration for [mysqld]

This work week has led me to a whole new anxiety level

i kinda wish that phones with physical keyboards were still mainstream because that feature seems pretty rad to me. i remember seeing them in the late 2000's as a kid and they seemed really cool compared to these nightmare rectangles that everyone has nowadays.

think i might trade my iphone for a decent modern day version of a phone with a physical keyboard (note to self, NEVER buy an iphone because they are overrated and over glorified corporate machines that everyone seems to own)

It's this time of the day. Japanese people start chatting

Just switched instance. Let's see how it goes here.


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