i need an explanation of why are there multiple copy register. i.e. when you copy something inside vim it can go to PRIMARY or CLIPBOARD. why not stay with a single register? is there a historical reason behind this?

@betoissues while I'm in no way qualified to answer this, Emacs+evil-mode by default copies things to system clipboard. And then provided options for other registers to pick and choose as well. win-win!

@zerozerozero so there are even more registers than those mentioned in the first toot?

@betoissues relevant part from link (I don't know how to quote text yet) :

Each register has a name that consists of a single character, which we will denote by r; r can be a letter (such as ‘a’) or a number (such as ‘1’); case matters, so register ‘a’ is not the same as register ‘A’. You can also set a register in non-alphanumeric characters, for instance ‘*’ or ‘C-d’. Note, it's not possible to set a register in ‘C-g’ or ‘ESC’, because these keys are reserved for quitting.

@betoissues I don't have enough fingers to count how many that is, but it feels like Skyrim/Minecraft chests where I ultimately forget which has what

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