Finally managed to get WebDAV working. CardDAV and CalDAV were easy thanks to Radicale. Oh but lets not talk about webdav using only nginx.

In the end I just decided to use wsgidav and nginx as reverse proxy.

@betoissues Are you hosting on your own hardware or a VPS? I set it up with a Nextcloud instance, that was a real breeze.

@iFreilicht using a vps. i did set up nextcloud yesterday on that same vps with 1GB ram available (~250MB usage before nc) and ended consuming up to 750MB to mostly use contacts, calendar and files.

currently it's at 330MB with radicale and wsgidav. and cpu usage doesn't jump as much as it did with mysql/php when opening files. although for the moment i'd only recommend this for single user setup.

@iFreilicht i plan on adding syncthing to this for selective sync and pretty much emulate what i needed from nextcloud

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