So I recently started trying FastAPI (about a week ago) and want to do a little demo to-do app (a classic) using Jinja templates

To clarify I started this looking for an alternative to Flask on a personal project. The problem now is, while it seems like FastAPI is good for developing APIs, it's frontend capabilities aren't supported as well.

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Who uses that anyways, the whole point is to use that from a different frontend (most probably JavaScript). But I haven't touched any JavaScript framework since AngularJS

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Which was a pain to deal with. Now I'm thinking of using React, Vue.js or maybe Nuxt.js but I don't want to get too complicated.

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Guess it'll be test & switch and will end up creating 3 different versions.

On a note if anybody has recommendations, I prefer server-side rendering compared to single page applications, even where SEO isn't a big deal.

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