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my self-driving car's navigation algorithm keeps driving me places i've already been to, 'in case i missed it' and altering my route so it will go past more billboards

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Email is just sending plain text files from one computer to another, it's not that complicated. I should be able to figure it out with all three of my brain cells.

whats a kobolds favourite programming language?

no its not cobol...

its ruby!

on a scale from rust to webdev, how annoying is it to program firefox extensions? if one wanted to, say, put back the cute illustrations on error pages?

@amolith Been very tempted to try it because of some article I read mentioning Doom as the "best productivity suite"

Going to start posting more links of whatever I read during the day.

Tengo que aprovechar que pude instalar KOReader en mi Kindle para leer lo que tengo en Wallabag

If you see Bill Gates is drowning, and you know how to swim, and there's no one around except you. Would you save him?

> To enjoy our website, you'll need to enable JavaScript in your web browser. Please click here to learn how.

Bitch. Anyone who has javascript disabled in their browser knows exactly what they're doing

Watching a video, user using root login, prepends every command with sudo. :)

@tharpa Well yeah, but specifically insertion and deletion perform like array's insertion and deletion.

Didn't do much "work" today but I configured Neovim Nightly (0.5) want to try out the built-in language server integration for a few days

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