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When I think about self-hosting my email I remember most people I email with don't use PGP and are mostly on g*ogle services...
So it's cool to self-host email as long as I don't message anyone.

Acabo de escribir un artículo sobre self-host, algunos de los servicios que tengo y futuros planes

considering re-structuring my services and changing providers. Here's the current list

@kde Makes some of the best linux software, but I hate how you need to install like half of plasma even if you only want one program
this is the fediverse, not twitter.
leave your blocklists, micro-aggression, cancel-culture and fancams at the sign outside the door

Because I am getting too many strange signups in the last 24 hours and most people don't read the Terms of Service, I added a Temporary Notice to Pricing page:

"If you are looking for an alternative to Parler, this is not it. Please look elsewhere. Thanks."

I hope that's clear enough :)

by "social monopoly" i mean, remove fb from a regular person, i already smell the despair not being able to share their photos, their status, even communicate because only this single company owned their virtual life.

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"but i don't have anything to hide" , that's fine, that's not the problem with whatsapp, i'm mainly against having a single company hold a social monopoly

answering my previous question, i don't seem to need matterbridge to bridge other services to matrix, which is pretty much my goal

if i want to use matterbridge, i.e. with telegram and xmpp do i have to specify the channels i want to bridge? is there a way to automatically bridge new conversations ?

Okay, people in my country is leaving WhatsApp in favor of Telegram. Not ideal but hey, "it's something"

If you've been on the #fediverse for a while, consider visiting the #introduction and #introductions hashtags once in a while, and welcome newcomers.

It's always nice to have people personally welcome you onto a social platform, and it creates a homely snug feeling. 😊

So I just installed Signal, lets see how it goes. Trying to get some people to start using it too.

Recent events in the US have resulted in the removal of Trump accounts on social networks. We have also read news about the suspension of some app.

Not being American, it is not my intention to value those decisions, but I'm concerned to see how some entities decide what is appropriate. Just for reasons of safeguarding? Can that motivation match their economic reasons? 🤔

The reasons of some decisions can play against us in the future. The #fediverse has an important role in this question.

Reading the #WhatsApp news, and I can't help but think of Tom Arnold's line from True Lies:

"Ballsy. Stupid, but ballsy."

Considering the fact that Facebook is already under increased scrutiny right now, and there is definitely more than one politician already looking to break the company up into little bits due to anti-trust violations, this move at this time seems especially stupid. Certainly shows a devil-may-care attitude about the whole thing though. Glad I've never used WhatsApp.

Good news, everyone!

Cyberpunk 2077 is out, and it certainly has not gone unnoticed 😅

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