I'm missing language translation from Twitter. Does any Mastodon app have built-in translation?

@bill i dont think so im afraid. but maybe other clients might?

@fullpwn Android's default translation will probably do for now but it's way clunkier than Twitter's implementation. What's your preferred Mastodon client? I'm just on the official one right now and it's basically fine but I imagine I could do better.

@bill @fullpwn
I'm using Tusky on Android. Only D/L'd it last night but it seems OK. Allows multiple accts so I can stay logged in to both my mastodon.me.uk acct and my mastodon.social one.

@bill Fedilab (@apps) has a translation option but I've never used it so I cannot tell you much about it...

@bill toooot on ios uses ibm’s translation service. It’s not terribly good i don’t think, but it is there.

@gmate8 @Gargron Awesome, thanks. I didn't realise how much I'd come to rely on it. Looking forward to having it here as well. 😀

@bill Yes, Fedilab (Android) available on Google's Play.

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