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in 1929: In a game against the Cleveland Indians, Babe Ruth of the New York Yankees hit his 500th career home run, becoming the first baseball player to reach that milestone.

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#parasite : one who frequents the tables of the rich, or who lives at another's expense, and earns his welcome by flattery

- French: parasite

- German: der Parasit

- Italian: parassita

- Portuguese: parasita

- Spanish: parásito


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Twitter is lying about its ban on state media ads while spreading nonstop US gov't paid propaganda - Benjamin Norton of Grayzone News

"As citizens of Empire, we have a particular responsibility to demand the US stop its sanctions and illegal interference in Latin America and elsewhere around the world." - Kevin Zeese & Margaret Flowers

in 1993: American jurist Ruth Bader Ginsburg was sworn in as an associate justice of the U.S. Supreme Court, becoming the second woman to serve on the court.

As US Economy Suffers Sharpest Downturn Since 1940’s, One in 10 (12%) Americans Believe They’re Likely to Declare Bankruptcy—13,794,300 (6%) Very Likely to do so in Next 60 Days, According to Maru/Blue Survey

"In the case of China, the American Left has shown itself to be a force in search of an enemy rather than a force in search for peace and liberation."

How Trump managed to lead the world with the worst response to - Vijay Prashad

"The United States needs a national coronavirus response, and it has been denied one by Donald J. Trump."

Andre Vltchek on how put people over profit and lessons the west could learn.

in 1924: American essayist, novelist, and playwright James Baldwin, who wrote with eloquence and passion on the subject of racism in the United States, was born.

The Consequences of Inequality Can Be Fatal - Professor Richard Wolff

"The outbreak of the posed a challenge that the profit system proved incapable of addressing in a humane and rational way. has led the working class, and all humanity, into disaster."

Almost 30 Million Americans don't have enough to eat ...while the Senate does nothing and takes a three day break. We're coming to a . Be ready to !

in 1981: The cable television network MTV debuted, with the broadcast of the music video for "Video Killed the Radio Star" by the Buggles.

in 1936: The Summer Olympics opened in Berlin, and the efforts by Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party to demonstrate the superiority of the “Aryan race” were undermined by the success of African American athletes, notably Jesse Owens.

"Before we see the final acts of a Trump coup, it must be made clear that U.S. democracy will be defended and that the would-be dictator’s days in the White House are numbered."

"This is a pernicious example of how capitalist private ownership of vital industries such as health care and production for profit turn the search for a life-saving vaccine into a money-making racket."

in 2012: American novelist, playwright, and essayist Gore Vidal, who was noted for his irreverent and intellectually adroit novels, died at age 86.

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