Nextcloud is such a good piece of software. I use it for basically everything

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This is straight up racism now 

The band formerly known as Lady Antebellum decided to rebrand to Lady A after the recent BLM protests.

Except a black woman had be performing as Lady A for decades before them, so instead of coming up with an alternative...

...they're suing her. The dirty fucking bastards are suing her to lay claim to a name she's been using long before the knobs bothered opening a dictionary. :blobglarenervous:

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I get overwhelmed by the sheer volume of rancid feeces the world of programming is wading through

Is there an ability to filter by language? Maybe a Userscript to only show posts with English?

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@blueberry I've certainly benefited from that. Everybody makes mistakes – and that includes mistaken modes of thinking, which can lead to *many* egregious errors before they're fixed.

Is Arch really worth setting up? I couldn't get it working, so I just used Manjaro and it's basically arch without all the hassle

The closest I've gotten to this is using Reddit, but even that needed carefully curated skills for posts/comments to not get downvoted

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This is great. I can post whatever and it's all anonymous. I think I've said this already but it really is liberating.

Tbh didn't know what cancel culture was until a few days ago. I'm getting old

I wish there was a like button. Generally, I don't want to Boost, and favoriting it would keep a record of it. I only want to favorite things I want to look back to later

Does mean different programs can work together? Or just that the same program can communicate with other instances?

I think Mastodon should have a tab that allows you to follow multiple instances, not just either local or federated

Will the federated timeline be manageable if Mastdon ever gets to the mainstream?

Nobody asked, but Invidious ( is such a great alternative to using YouTube

I would highly recommend learning about important supreme court cases in the past couple years. I watched this one and learned a ton:

Is not having `systemd` really a good reason to use Devuan or other distros like it?

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