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ndarray 0.15 is finally released. ๐Ÿ˜“

The following are some highlights, see the release note for the whole story.

- Inserting new axes while slicing

- two-sided broadcasting for arithmetic operations

- `.cell_view()

- Improved `Array::uninit`

Thanks to **jturner314**, **SparrowLii**, **xd009642**, **dam5h**, **insideoutclub** and **bluss** who contributed the changes for this release.

Big Gums: Sleeping in my 100 year old Gum tree

Beau Miles just puts out these amazing short films about adventure, life and being a curious person.

github: "Oh, it looks like most of the changed lines in this big PR are all in one file. Let me be helpful and hide those from the diff by default."

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Not much, but my urban gardening is growing salad greens and basil on the balcony. Unsure about when to move them inside. This is the post-summer batch of salad greens. The climate is south Sweden, so there's not much to work with.

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@julia sounds awesome, can only agree. I guess this can be read as a call/reminder to be part of and provide what you want to see.. me included.

(Agreed with all except fungi gardening, mentioned in replies, that creeps my skin๐Ÿ˜‹)

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I'm rubbish at finding people to follow. Things I'd like on my TL: plants, rewilding, solarpunk, wild camping/swimming/climbing, urban greenery, urban adventures, DIY, crafting, carpentry, cooking, brewing, makerspaces, yoga, sewing, very basic programming (like, raspberry Pi? IDK), queer homemaking

...that you can do from an urban apartment

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Here's some suggestions on what to do if a coup is attempted in the United States in connection with the election.

#ChooseDemocracy #Vote #๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ

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Sweden's road numbers have standard categories with a system to them.

Three digits: County road

This begins and ends more or less inside the same county and has three digits. Numbers below 401 are nationally allocated and are distributed from 100 in the south to 400 in the north. These may be used on road signs, but aren't always. The roads are "primary" county roads, and while old roads are grandfathered in, new construction is supposed to adhere to a minimum standard of 6 m width and asphalt.

County road numbers 500 and above are unique only inside a county, and are not put on road signs. They are "secondary" and "tertiary" county roads, and new construction on secondary county roads is supposed to use 5 m minimum width and asphalt.

Numbering within a county is roughly southwest to northeast, but subject to arbitrary historical factors.

The site seems to have stopped accepting new posts since a few days, anyone know why?

@musicians how do you record and mix and produce songs (simple recordings are fine!)? What software do you use - linux or other platforms? I'm looking for a simple setup to be able to record my playing and overlay tracks.

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@bluss I am looking for someone who likes and knows #rustlang #webassemply and #openstreetmap for our #osm2world web frontend

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