mutualan? rt aja lah yok, follbacknya jangan lupa ya

Excuse me everyone and sorry for using public mode, let me bring this toot up again. To those who haven't read and to the newcomers, scroll up this toot and read it. Once again, please cooperate each other, spread this information and the other informations so the others could knew it. Also, please respect the non RP users and the developer of this Website. You could still use public mode, but please BE WISE USING IT. I repeat, please BE WISE. Use the public mode for important thing. 🙏

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sorry using public.

yang anak rp ayo mutualan, boost/rep aja. makasih sblmnya ✌🏻

mimin cuma mau ingetin jangan lupa unlisted ehehehehe, ayo kita jadi rp yang patuh biar gak kena s word disini

maaf public, boots/rt for a follow! dont forget to follow me back <3

Siapapun yang follow saya, pasti auto followback kok. 👍🏻

Sorry local, anak rp mutualan? Just boost/rep.

haaai !
akun rp followan yuk? rt/boost aja. 😉🙌🏻

Yang mau mutualan boost aja!! Auto fb kok ( ꈍᴗꈍ)

Help boost ya!
yang mau mutualan boost ya auto fb!

sorry using public.

anak rp ayoo mutualan, boost/rep aja yaa

Ayo boost yg mau followan, tapi follback yaa

Is there anyone who would like to be mutual with me? Please do reply or simply boost this toot and I'll follow you!

Psh, please do follow me back, though! :ablobcatattention: :ablobcatattentionreverse:

mutualan? rt/boots aja. kalo ga auto fb, ga usah rt. capek mensyen men :0170:

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