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@geet Sure, but then thanks to blocking and muting those trying to force me into their B&M list the becomes much more fruitful

@lucas If you're asking about the Wikipedia (and other wikis) dumps, they are here:

@lucas yes, also information is available for use to everyone who suspects Wikimedia Enterprise would lead to limitation of individuals access to the resources. I've been downloading the whole wiki archive in the past

@lucas call me naive but this has been created to address the situation with big companies making profit from free usage of Wikipedia

@kuba ale że bez tunelu, tak zwyczajnie http po świecie?

@andybalaam instead of producing something focus on delivering value. Dealing with an email delivers value.

The handy bit about racing with self-driving cars is that one can type while the car is racing.
Report from League May Finale race, congrats to winners!

Tomorrow at 1:30 am BST (today at 5:30 pm PST) - in 3 hours - I will be taking part in the AWS DeepRacerLeague May Finale. Live stream on AWS Twitch channel:

@maxeddy We used to put earbuds from discman against the tape player head to listen to one channel on a bus

This is the single greatest triumph of technology over itself, boost if you agree.

May's End of Month update:
TOMORROW: DR Underground, physical racing on Twitch (I'm steering)
THURSDAY: DR Finale, virtual racing for the Vegas pass on Twitch (I'm racing)
Details in the post!

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