I'm not on this instance anymore since I just moved on another mastodon instance who is more near from what I am.

Feel free to reach me directly at

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The "Voltage like" racing engine is real on !!
This is even without a working physics engine on Neos, it's all math simulated, just goes to show how powerful Neos is.

This is an engine based on the work of: @GearBell@twitter.com and @Lucas_Rossetti7@twitter.com and modified by @GhostZ36@twitter.com

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New to Mastodon, check out my open-source project! Open source offline neural machine translation in Python: github.com/argosopentech/argos

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NYE Party!
Thurs 8:00PM EST(Fri UTC 01:00) in . Dance, chill, drink, and enjoy each others company in an 80 retro themed world.

While in the EST, the party will still be going well into the PST.

Everyone is welcome!

Look forward to seeing you all

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Since #rC3 is all virtual this year, we've setup a virtual world for our hackerspace to show case art and link to other VR worlds. hackerspace.zone/

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Reminder! In a virtual environment from @_VRrOOm_@twitter.com, the legendary EDM pioneer Jean-Michel Jarre will be playing at a special concert in on the 31st!

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I like tmp.ninja's DMCA terms.
"We host content for 48 hours, and we strictly comply with DMCA requests which by coincidence take about 48 hours to process."

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The Rise Of Open-Source Software
#GNU #OSS #FOSS #Linux
Open-source software powers nearly all the world’s major companies. This software is freely available, and is developed collaboratively, maintained by a broa...




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