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Tortured PSA:

To those of you who actually paid taxes, unlike the ...

You paid for the $46 million in relief the GOP used to line their pockets.

I reported it; they tortured me.

I don't let the world change me, I change the world around me.

Cloud Collective Co-op

With more and more states and legalizing recreational or medical marijuana.

I have combined the software I wrote with the metrc API.

This is the tracking required by all states licenses.

This belongs to us all.

What actually got me from:

Surveilled -> Tortured

Was counseling my veteran neighbor.

He was already being tortured.

He watched his friends die in the desert.

I did not agree with that war.

Regardless, he fought for me.

Now I fight for him.

My neighbor is a veteran who served in Iraq.

He told me that he was in a convoy where the truck in front of him in the truck behind him was hit, and many of his comrades died.

He wondered, why not him?

The government has tortured him for 4 years now in his home.

Urge your senators to pass the #BigCatPublicSafetyAct! It passed in the House!!

Let’s bring it home!!! Call your Senators. Share widely! We need everyone!! Support S. 2561.

Please support the #BigCatPublicSafetyAct to end the abuse and exploitation of tigers and big cats in the United States.

I’m thinking of the poster boy for this, the magnificent Tony Tiger, kept in, and died in, a cage at a truck stop in Louisiana. Please help🇺🇸 #Tigers #BigCats #Cats #Animals

The entire world keeps waiting for the real criminals to be held accountable.
Someone needs to dismantle the GOP by force, or they will continue to ignore all social norms.

The Voice of God.

This was used to tell soldiers, during the second golf invasion, to lay down their weapons.

It is used on whistle blowers to discredit them.

It is used on the rest to tell them to lay down their civil liberties.

Read all about it...

You can either win with me, or lose to me. Whatever you prefer.

People make technology to emulate the way in which they think.

Everyone was scared of computers being the AI that destroyed all humans.

It turns out, people working on computers weren't jerks.

The corporations are actually the true AI monster to fear.

Be ye human?

Do you think there was once a difference between banks, and companies or corporations?

They both, along with the majority of everything, have become nothing more than non-human entities powered by capital.

Walking money monsters, with more power than the each of us.

Could this be considered the first instance of human generated artificial intelligence?

Did these alternate non-robot / non-human beings already overthrow us?

#google and #cia sponsoring the same #surveilance companies (scroll down, it's verified) grew to 450 employees, very aggressive firm

Happy Friday the 13th!
Watch a '80s horror movie for me today.

Cloud Collective

I'm in the process of inventing it.

Invention is a simple recipe in 2020:
- one part ingenuity
- one part hype

A worker co-op; if you contribute to the company, you own a part of of it.

A cryptocurrency pool replaces shares.

work and ownership.

Well the drone flying over my house had its lights on tonight, I'm guessing that's a good sign.

We have not seen voter intimidation of this severity at the polls in over a hundred years.

Not since the time of alcohol prohibition.

This is what happens when ignorance is celebrated.

End the ignorance!

End modern day prohibition.

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