uspol voting discourse 

yes im boosting both voting-still-matters and dems-are-fucking-useless takes

i do not consider them mutually exclusive

they are still human and capable of shame

some might be capable of being deprogrammed from their propriety cult

uspol voting discourse voting is a counter-revolutionary suppression mechanism
doesn't mean you shouldn't do it
you should just not consider it to be something you've "at least done"
it should not count in that regard
that's how I see things


uspol voting discourse 

@tost @carcinopithecus When it comes to my personal activism I look at it like this: voting is something that takes between a few minutes and a day once a year. The remaining 364 days of the year are available for more radical action. Voting in this country is not sufficient for bringing about the radical change we need. But spending one day a year voting is worth it to help mitigate the power of the right wing, especially at the local level.

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