anyways i got some Super Lesbian Art on my patreon if y'all wanna check that out,

Verified the OnBase hardcoded secrets issue today. On Hyland.Applications.Web.EpicAESEmcrypionPtovider.Decrypt (or something like this) they do indeed initialize all IVs with 0s & never update the IV before use. Presumably symmetric on the server side. Ref:

Now... I don't see anywhere where this method is called, a d there are some more concerning hardcoded key material areas, but more research is needed...

Spent part of yesterday trying to hunt down SQLi in onbase 20.x based on the recent reports of them in 18.x/19.x. no luck yet...

Guard retention was good enough to execute some chokes with open to closed guard transitions. Lasso sweep still functioning. Preemptive framing was practiced & almost successful in a live drill... but not quite. I tried though and I think I want to try more.
Everything was a lot slower being out of practice.

Nothing like sanding off the backs of your knuckles with clothes to remind you to sand off the backs of your knuckles more often with clothes. Light stinging sensation courtesy of gi grips & months of not holding gi grips.

About time to hit the mats. Need to work on my preemptive framing and guard retention. First day back a couple days ago & I had a white belt peeling my guard like a banana with a knee slice.

Me reading anything about Bitcoin history expecting a simple things like "a privacy advocate changes world" but instead getting stuff like:

Bitcoin's mysterious creator, Satoshi Nakamoto, who are they? Why did they create Bitcoin? We're they alone... Or were they visited by extraterrestrials? Tonight at 8 we investigate on unsolved mysteries.

Code today or play dead cells today? Think I'm gonna play dead cells until I max my S quality modifier & then I'll reassess.

Tried to code today... Not too hard though, ended up drinking beer & playing video games.

Let's try to code today... Or... Drink beer & play videogames. Real toss up.

You know what this highly secured single point of failure could really use?


- PAM developers

Literally this many black t-shirts in my all-black-t-shirts-all-the-time arsenal of black t-shirts!

Fun fact: When I was a kid I thought that, since the “Alt Gr” key in most laptop keyboards was wider than the normal Alt key, therefore it meant that its full name was Alt Grande.

I'm on a road trip & this is my choice contemplation... Can the principles of diaspora be brought to a P2P ride share competitor? How about just a generic replacement "gig economy?"

Having strangers post photos on your phone is one thing, how do you balance that trust to let them in your home? Web of trust models, cross signing identity data, aggregating local community signatures (friends, maybe friends of friends)?


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