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Big statement from @YvngError with his new music video. Amazing break-up song! | Proud to have shared a stage with him @Water_Rats last month, can’t wait to get some footage of that out ()

FirstWeek vlog | @TheLightPhone II 👍 | 💿 Holly Honey Church & @MClancyMusic | 📚 @WinPoetryFest --- (10/12 FirstWeek 2021) ():

Finished reading: The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society (Center Point Platinum Fiction (Large Print)) by Mary Ann Shaffer 📚 | charming epistolary style. Apparently Sally Rooney’s carrying the flag for that approach into Century 21 —

Hello @MikeParry8 : did the nuremberg story inspire you to bang your hand and bark “We should crush the minorities” this morning on ? —

New review for “Whoa” with @ItsYourBoyAD & @Weezophicial. When I : “MC Beastly comes in, with his clever bars, name dropping celebrities ranging from Eminem to Harry Styles, and intelligently rhyming” — 🎵

Great way to end my summer in London, playing a truly venue @Water_Rats with @YvngError | still tix available: for info 🎫 — 🎵

I’ve been looking for years for a cerulean coloured tracksuit, and then I see hundreds on . | @Netflix : any spare costumes? If blood spattered, Beastly can wear (the overbranded Nike in too green anyway) —

Even (sensible) Germans agree radical action needed in fight against property owners (see lyric track with mock Eastleigh board). And they don’t even have the Victorian system to reckon with! —

Yeesh: they couldn’t have picked a worse time to boycott. Still, pls support if you can. I’ll try mention when I’m wearing my Deliveroo cap at @YvngError set tonight instead of driving —

Good that “Out Out” crew credited Stromae 🎵, though I still think they should have left it alone: “Alors on Danse” —

IG/FB take 1 YEAR to agree an artist DJing popular music to promote it to a couple dozen people alongside his own is not a serious copyright infringement | you can now again watch MC Beastly saying “this is for you Mark” 🎵 (&)

Yo which legend in has been slamming SilverLake on repeat on @AppleMusic ? Celebrating yesterday’s big @EastleighFC comeback against Woking?! 🎵 Ceru.Li/sten-silverlake

Found a perfect pair of pantalons for Unknown P @MunyaChawawa. It was in the Observer so no doubt P’s already read. —

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