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YouTube playlists on went down yesterday. Felt silly until saw fellow anagram 🎵 @Halsey had that in common too. And now they’re all back! :D | Halsey hun: let me install an SSL cert on your site pls tho 🔐 |

Thanks to @Fulbridge for including my musical writing amidst some impressive writers working in the more traditional printed form in their monthly round-up.
Excited to get back to America post-pandemic to get the show on it’s feet! 🎵

Tryna get my draft cut of my TV sitcom pilot on , but (or should I say ) upload speeds has other ideas. Dw, I’ll get the Preview Cut on private Vimeo Apr 19th even if it means using Nandos_Free_Wifi |

Weird to pay $2.5m for a Tweet . I’m writing a lil musical project @TwitsMusical which uses the that tweet because it’s in the public domain… it’s a tweet… it was text made public! Stop this ownership obsession madness |

Props to for auctioning the Soton Hospital superhero piece Game Changer. Expects to raise £3m for NHS. Wish @SpitFire_Bars had raised that much with SpitFire Mask 🔥 |

📊 (4/4: first month) | Won’t “travel round the earth” without the help of humans! 🙏 🎧

Solid argument for from @MASRecords patron @RobertPlant of @LedZeppelin : “We’re not asking for any money (upfront), just a commitment to help if Covid ever strikes again” | 🎵

Daft Punk retiring, but at least Bebo is coming back! Thanks to @YvngError for alerting me to this on tonight’s @SpitFire_Bars live | Now seeking Beta invite.. will trade Clubhouse! ;) | 🎵

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