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Thanks @Amiiirakk for playlisting & shouting out as a !

I’m working on a ‘small island’ single-cut to give it another push this summer. Such a lovely tune on a sunny evening! ()

The might of UMG finally admit defeat against DistroKid (aka 1 guy Philip Kaplan)! ()

Holla at MusicHood Peru for adding to their playlist saying “it’s very calm & relaxing”. Excited to be giving this one another boost this summer! ()

As @GNev2 pointed out, it’s amazing modern footballers articulate enough to give a 7m interview.
Let alone one with this level of clarity & articulation.
Never let the shouters get to you @Jake_Daniels11 (⚽️ ) ...

Big up Jake Daniels. Your open honesty just made the game a little more beautiful (⚽️ )

An ephemeral social shout-out is one thing, but I love @JasrajHothi (M.b @Jasraj) putting a blogroll on his modern landing-page, and love it even more when I’m on it :D
This is what community looks like ()

Some landowner tried to block a public-path in the SO used for 20+ years with a Fence () so we moved it for doggy on yesterday 🐶🏃‍♂️ ( )

Chelsea won in 1970 despite a Leeds team that make today’s paper-throwers look tame. The ref sees kicks in the face and is like “get on with it” while Don Revie lights up a cig. Far cry from today’s . Come down tmr for football like that (⚽️ )

Who's more creative with 'Pot': my family or Comparing 📸 vs. lockdown King's Gallery 🖼 ():

📚 Reviewed in FirstWeek vlog, for a couple mins more than : An Island by Karen Jennings & re-read of Farewell, My Lovely by Raymond Chandler ()

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