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Don’t fully understand @VeroTrueSocial . Is it a record label that spun into (music focussed?) social, or other way round?

Good @guardian article: most in the , don’t easily fit the old “class” distinctions . BUT why then quote 4 “Yorkshiremen” i.e. proclaiming their true “working class” background? Are we meant to guess which is exaggerating LOL?!

Ty Parliament for: “UK musicians in the EU” urgent question. @CliveEfford : UK: 1% world pop., 10% of its music. If we can’t tour it post-Covid, no one’s going to hear it though.
I know there’s loads of thesps, but are there any MPs who were pop musicians? We need leaders!

Felicitación @josefeliciano ! 🎵 See my medley with “Fantasy” by Mariah Carey (both in Em lol) in my latest

Strange programming last night with just singing her catalogue 🎵. Here’s my take:

📺 Of the Year | all male panellists look tired, esp D. Mitchell and the man fka @HugoBoss | my “Smells Like Paltrow’s Vagina” song |

Here's to "Another Year" 🎵
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