Thx FreeIndieCulture for playlist - “I like the vibes, the melodies, the strength of it all”. Can’t wait to get the new ‘Small Version’ out on streaming tomorrow. Hopefully will be on many more playlists! ()

Honoured that Brighton guitarist Mickey Frost has passed on one of his guitars to me.
He’s told me to learn “What’s Up” by 4 Non Blondes by time I next open-mic here (this thurs!)
Loving this part of the south coast

The might of UMG finally admit defeat against DistroKid (aka 1 guy Philip Kaplan)! ()

Holla at MusicHood Peru for adding to their playlist saying “it’s very calm & relaxing”. Excited to be giving this one another boost this summer! ()

An ephemeral social shout-out is one thing, but I love @JasrajHothi (M.b @Jasraj) putting a blogroll on his modern landing-page, and love it even more when I’m on it :D
This is what community looks like ()

Some landowner tried to block a public-path in the SO used for 20+ years with a Fence () so we moved it for doggy on yesterday 🐶🏃‍♂️ ( )

botched takeover of brilliant . Pasted on their inferior UI/UX + lost valuable user-data incl. reviews & curated-media. Not renewing subscription. Interested to cast me? Visit my website ()

If Brit artists ask me about registering a company, I will genuinely recommend @Max_Fosh’s masterful guide to playing Companies House.
Max you concerned that it’s been 2 months and the Crown hasn’t seized the assets yet tho? ()

MD & MC agree: = deadly hypocrisy.

Eastleigh: let’s vote for local 🟡 hard-workers May 5th.
Plenty of delayed weddings for the other lot to DJ ()

Did someone say Beveragino @SlugLettuce? Nope, cos no one ever said that + I go boozer for fry-up .

Celebrating streaming via Beastly’s @DistroKid after ransomed us to keep it up @YvngError for you lot to to! () Ceru.Li/sten-drink

Holla @JasrajHothi for curating his Twitter (and M.b @jasraj) ().

And to Twitter for failing to curate theirs

when you put genre as rap @DistroKid assumes Lyrics explicit. Wasn’t build for beastly wordplay ()

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