It’s FirstWeek so here’s the final 7/7 deadly sin : FB = Envy.
Full “SOCIAL” single coming soon. Meantime keep spinning the
() ...

Skinnyman wheeled up the cipher @RailwayLive when I about selling 1st 2 copies of my new album , vids coming midweek ( )

Ooo @DistroKid have stealth released music-video distribution.
Probs not right for me at that price with my sitch, but if other focussed artists give it a pop, link me to ur vid in stores!
( 🎵 )

Always feel better about watching the football ( ⚽️) after doing some exercise myself (Witney 🏃‍♂️not to mention mixing). Another reason @BeastlyBoyBen & I love a good olde Saturday at 3 kickoff. ...

“This guy ’s as wonderfully weird and quirky as me”

feeling’s mutual @jasraj (🐦@JasrajHothi)

Inspiring write-up about friendship & creative-collab.

We’ll discuss when it’s done just like !



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