The might of UMG finally admit defeat against DistroKid (aka 1 guy Philip Kaplan)! ()

An ephemeral social shout-out is one thing, but I love @JasrajHothi (M.b @Jasraj) putting a blogroll on his modern landing-page, and love it even more when I’m on it :D
This is what community looks like ()

Fascinating from @FranzFerdinand 🎙()

Enemy at the Gates inspo like “island” from Last Christmas 🍿.
Love tempo change, got one my 1st one on album 2 .

Cf “Lose you to Love me” for more collab & “New Slang” for solo

If Brit artists ask me about registering a company, I will genuinely recommend @Max_Fosh’s masterful guide to playing Companies House.
Max you concerned that it’s been 2 months and the Crown hasn’t seized the assets yet tho? ()

Amazon really are looking to take Pandora’s scalp as #2 signed-up US streamer. They’ve even jacked the name of their fan-interaction tool!!
Any more Amazon-loving artists welcome to use my VIP code
( )

Coughed up for PRO for vlog storage. Though I’m happy to get YT parity w/ Chapters (e.g. Brits vlog 2), they still disappoint on core privacy features: e.g. : view counts ARE actually exposed by (Bing) search ( )

FYI fellow artists: @Spotify deprecated follow button during Holidays. Was using the iFrame on but now switched to a simple page link. @ajlkn may wanna consider building something on Follow API ()

I recommend artists to demo drafts publicly. Plagiarism risk is low, and you stand to gain from inspired insights like this a year later from promising amateur songwriter @PolicyGlot (🎵 )

1st look at AirTable “Interfaces” for simple collab - which @ChrisDancy beta-tested & predicted in our interview 🧙‍♂️(guide) — 👍 cleaner for non-tech collaborators | 👎 requires an account i.e. extortionate on Pro ( for )

Loved how @SoccerAM hosts pointed out that mixtapes are just less confident albums to SX | still artists who aren’t gonna stay : send your 🎵 to @WolvesRecordsUK looks dope ()

Who needs Warner Music Group, when you’ve got the Warner family pumping out bangers like Silverlake right @EastleighFC ?! ⚽️ 🎵

Thx @YvngError for the shoutout 🎹 on ‘Wonderland’ 🎵 | can’t wait to go busking with you sometime fella! —

2 new things for kids:

1). Every track across now has a peng animated Canvas!

2). Get the Synced experience free on for A-side | lmk if you want same for @SpitFire_Bars


London: 🎫 @QuackPotUK ’s “Meet Cute” @CamdenFringe fest 🎭 — Dryden does a “Train Guy” more pitiful than Bob Mortimer’s (“ahh… LONDON!” & “howdy pardner” 👏) and Fforde is a decent counterweight | good to see theatre skl kids go

British Broadcasting Corp couldn’t be bothered to adapt a Date Input which defaulted to US Calendar - I find folks are more careful about making their tech reflect their values on & identity than Big corps |

Just announced an extra monthly helping of Live Music 🎫: @Bandcamp Fridays special - the best day to buy Smalltown Dreamer 🎵 | cos lbh it’s better when don’t “add” 10% to your balance with every 💿📼 —

Back in the day Bryn BP woulda got buried by dropping the Beeb | but she’s so she’s back as BRYN on Charlie Sloth | No Label 🎵 @SpitFire_Bars

Fellow who wanna retain control : turn off auto chapters, and curate your own so subscribers trust your chapters, cos its such a great curation feature to leave to

Supported collaborator @itsyourboyad on Patreon: looking forward to seeing you experiment with private content homie! | 🎵

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