Supported collaborator @itsyourboyad on Patreon: looking forward to seeing you experiment with private content homie! | 🎵

Enjoyed and wanna find out about the man behind the music? 🎵 My podcast convo with fellow creative & Micro.blogger @jasraj covers a lot (it’s a good 2h but we’re good company - promise!!) 🎙—

Congrats @StarNow on getting acquired by @backstage . You guys simply built the best produt from your corner of the world 🌏 | I’ve done a couple successful collabs from | recommended —

Congrats Edem for coming in hard with Creator Care 2nd interview w/ very @AudioMack VP | some “Swan Centre” commenter’s ‘begged’ me to upload it there | maybe I’ll distro there now DistroKid allow manual linking — 🎵

Final nail in ⚰️ for as free community 😢 | forces ads on all channels without sharing 💸 | Self-respecting small businesses & artists: time offer video content ad+distraction-free on Vimeo (25% off 🔗) —

Album distro: @BandLab launches Albums | @BandCamp competitor with more modern UI & 0% commission | but can’t see good community for indie artists like Bandcamp, seems mostly viral hip-hop — @DistroKid should add store — 🎵

View from cassette tape ordering for Smalltown Dreamer! Apparently many major label streaming-focussed contracts still include this concept, even though there’s no ‘back of the van’ for streams to get lost/broken in like tapes!! — 🎵

Fellow British indies: make sure to vote in elections if you’re a member (free), to represent our interests, not just — here’s my quick takes if you need a steer —

Not : when coming across more mindful online users, throwing the same copy-paste at them | |

switching from single to double quotation marks on song titles, cos @KhanAcademy said so | Go set premiere reminder for ‘island’, sorry I mean “island” now: | 🎵

🎙 "Power Of A Good Lunch", Solo Collective w/ @RebeccaSeal & @SigneSJohansen | perf lunch break ! :

Apple estimate average pay per stream at less than a penny. Then remember that on average artists only take home 13% of streamings. artists starting out: do not rely on streaming to make a living.

So @Spotify finally partnering with @Musixmatch to display synced : good for . But was their price that Artists need Spotify Premium to Sync Lyrics on Musixmatch? 🎵

Never again @SpinnUpCom by @UMG | No Support | Link Landing Page still not up on 11am of release day (made own: better free options: ! | 🎵

YouTube playlists on went down yesterday. Felt silly until saw fellow anagram 🎵 @Halsey had that in common too. And now they’re all back! :D | Halsey hun: let me install an SSL cert on your site pls tho 🔐 |

📊 (4/4: first month) | Won’t “travel round the earth” without the help of humans! 🙏 🎧

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