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Tough for me to support Saints tonight against a proper club ⚽️ . Burnley provide the template for under-100k towns like Eastleigh to reach big leagues & would sooner see profligate Everton drop ()

“This guy ’s as wonderfully weird and quirky as me”

feeling’s mutual @jasraj (🐦@JasrajHothi)

Inspiring write-up about friendship & creative-collab.

We’ll discuss when it’s done just like !


Eastleigh 10k join me glamorising our town with dope race vid & Paul Hammond with his pics (shout-out @Deliveroo for sponsoring me ).
Next 10k @ABPMarathon 🏃‍♂️

Jeff Stelling’s a legend no doubt (Middlesborough rant). But shame he’s going out on a season where - when his colleague Merson lost £7m gambling - he stooged for SkyBet. (⚽️ )

Loved how @SoccerAM hosts pointed out that mixtapes are just less confident albums to SX | still artists who aren’t gonna stay : send your 🎵 to @WolvesRecordsUK looks dope ()

If you haven’t already seen it, check out the first episode of my tour doc Smalltown Dreamers now. Here’s what me & tour manager Lucy had to say about it | 🎵

2 new things for kids:

1). Every track across now has a peng animated Canvas!

2). Get the Synced experience free on for A-side | lmk if you want same for @SpitFire_Bars


Proud of Lucy: after organising Smalltown Dreamers, the 1st gig back @EastleighFC Hospitality, they snapped her up 🍻 — ⚽️

FirstWeek Begins | Look forward to sharing the launch episode upon return —

Enjoyed and wanna find out about the man behind the music? 🎵 My podcast convo with fellow creative & Micro.blogger @jasraj covers a lot (it’s a good 2h but we’re good company - promise!!) 🎙—

Album launch made it into print in the @DailyEcho yesterday! Feel the crinkle of the paper.. real life is returning!! 🎵 in |

If you missed 📻 live on @voicefmradio last week, listen back 🔗 on album press page. Thanks Tony @Music_Micro for supporting local artists & giving a shout-out! — 🎵

FYI: artists listing their post-lockdown gigs with @Songkick : must use official vendor URL | so TicketTailor in my case rather than own site where that widget is embedded | can’t wait to add other artists! — 🎵

Congrats Edem for coming in hard with Creator Care 2nd interview w/ very @AudioMack VP | some “Swan Centre” commenter’s ‘begged’ me to upload it there | maybe I’ll distro there now DistroKid allow manual linking — 🎵

A v. musically literate review of from @WeAreYMX: “the track showcases the British ’s talent in finding the right words for the right ”. Thanks guys! | | 🎵

album press: a very thoughtful review of my latest single Ever After from @Jpgchief: “Beautiful arrangements, background vocals and caring lyrics”. Thanks guys! | 🎵

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