Fellow who wanna retain control : turn off auto chapters, and curate your own so subscribers trust your chapters, cos its such a great curation feature to leave to β€”

I miss my bedroom in Eastleigh πŸŽ™, but cooking beastly music πŸ•Ά in an actual studio w/ the mighty @ItsYourBoyAD & @Weezophicial hits another level inspiring. πŸ“Ί BTS Vlog β€” πŸ§‚ 🎡 youtube.com/watch?v=IVJenWQvJA

Check out where I’ve journeyed too toward the end of FirstWeek FlipPh.one while offline πŸ§­β¬†οΈ : youtu.be/wbEVwa95Bhg β€”

Supported collaborator @itsyourboyad on Patreon: looking forward to seeing you experiment with private content homie! | 🎡 patreon.com/ItsYourBoyAD?utm_m

Enjoyed and wanna find out about the man behind the music? 🎡 My podcast convo with fellow creative & Micro.blogger @jasraj covers a lot (it’s a good 2h but we’re good company - promise!!) πŸŽ™β€” Ceru.li/infclub

Right now I’m at: Eastleigh Nando’s

I’m grateful for: these two making my album launch event last night a success!

challenge from @andreas@Andreas@writing.exchange


Prepping for tomorrow’s album launch gig: youtube.com/watch?v=hLh_Dw-kEG w/ @yvngerror hosted by @andyjouan β€” 🎡

If you’ve seen one of these round scan for SmalltownDreamer.co.uk/#launch now becuase advance tix close at midnight!! β€” 🎡

Me + the South Coast = A Perfect Fit | Come see me perform where the ❌ marks the spot: SmalltownDreamer.co.uk/#launch: β€” 🎡

Proud of my family sweepstake draw Denmark, doing it for Eriksen ⚽️ | if they go to final: I predict Hollywood ☎️ β€” 🍿

Album launch made it into print in the @DailyEcho yesterday! Feel the crinkle of the paper.. real life is returning!! β€” 🎡 in | dailyecho.co.uk/leisure/193884

Well done @TheatreRoyal for coming good: . Glad we limited numbers to album launch) in first place! β€” wa.rner.me/2021/06/17/should-r

If you missed πŸ“» live on @voicefmradio last week, listen back πŸ”— on album press page. Thanks Tony @Music_Micro for supporting local artists & giving a shout-out! β€” 🎡 SmalltownDreamer.co.uk/#press

Should refund random selection & let some still see @IanMcKellen play the Dane in June @TheatreWindsor | Better than wait for Jul 19th. Gov shown no respect for specific dates >1wk out, so Jul 19th β€œFreedom Day” meaningless until Jul 12th β€”

Sold a handful of tickets for the launch event already: Hampshire - come join us on June 30th! youtu.be/WvMArFOeyUQ β€” 🎡

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