Remember during lockdown when I’d always post about my Sunday livestreams “The King’s Speech” with my brother Ben ?
If you missed it… don’t worry today you can watch the highlights:…

I’ll be performing my new single and a song from my American musical at a @USUKFulbright open-mic event, hosted by @RaeganSealy, open to friends & fam: | 🎵

Apple estimate average pay per stream at less than a penny. Then remember that on average artists only take home 13% of streamings. artists starting out: do not rely on streaming to make a living.

So @Spotify finally partnering with @Musixmatch to display synced : good for . But was their price that Artists need Spotify Premium to Sync Lyrics on Musixmatch? 🎵

“Drink Drink Drink” released by Cerulean Sounds today: go !! Then find out about the 3 artists, incl. @YvngError, debutante Shia & @SpitFire_Bars | 🎵

Never again @SpinnUpCom by @UMG | No Support | Link Landing Page still not up on 11am of release day (made own: better free options: ! | 🎵

I know we’d promised King’s Speech Compilation by last Sunday of month. But King attended to royal palacial duties, Jester singing songs, so it’s gonna be next Sunday - eve of May FirstWeek when the month really st

In “Ever After”, I borrow some Shakespeare for lyrics. I’m curious how @ThreeInchFools incorporate music into their Shakespeare shows. Might check out one of these outdoor shows in London as a counterpoint to seeing McKellan’s Hamlet indoors | Ceru.Li/sten-ever-after

YouTube playlists on went down yesterday. Felt silly until saw fellow anagram 🎵 @Halsey had that in common too. And now they’re all back! :D | Halsey hun: let me install an SSL cert on your site pls tho 🔐 |

Thanks to @Fulbridge for including my musical writing amidst some impressive writers working in the more traditional printed form in their monthly round-up.
Excited to get back to America post-pandemic to get the show on it’s feet! 🎵

Tryna get my draft cut of my TV sitcom pilot on , but (or should I say ) upload speeds has other ideas. Dw, I’ll get the Preview Cut on private Vimeo Apr 19th even if it means using Nandos_Free_Wifi |

@Down10 I'm still getting same error whether I put http or https

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