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Who's more creative with 'Pot': my family or Comparing 📸 vs. lockdown King's Gallery 🖼 ():

📚 Reviewed in FirstWeek vlog, for a couple mins more than : An Island by Karen Jennings & re-read of Farewell, My Lovely by Raymond Chandler ()

botched takeover of brilliant . Pasted on their inferior UI/UX + lost valuable user-data incl. reviews & curated-media. Not renewing subscription. Interested to cast me? Visit my website ()

Fascinating from @FranzFerdinand 🎙()

Enemy at the Gates inspo like “island” from Last Christmas 🍿.
Love tempo change, got one my 1st one on album 2 .

Cf “Lose you to Love me” for more collab & “New Slang” for solo

📺 2 ()

Pemberton’s headmaster!

“Email? Is that the one with the little blue bird”

“Sensitive about mental health… a bit doolally”


Ending is worth an uncomfortable watch

📺 1 ()

“He’s a right pedalo”

“Been in @FiveGuys? At least”

“If life gives you melons, you’ve got dyslexia”


Excited for M.b photoblogging challenge, starting just as FirstWeek starts and I stop SOCIAL syndication. Come check my blog Twitter for some GoPro shot photos :D ()

Did watch “Navalny” (BBC iPlayer) - def. worth it. Only wish they’d turned it round as soon as “Putin’s Palace”.

2 takeaways:
- “don’t do nothing”. Even just share it.
- West needs to to regain moral-highground


If Brit artists ask me about registering a company, I will genuinely recommend @Max_Fosh’s masterful guide to playing Companies House.
Max you concerned that it’s been 2 months and the Crown hasn’t seized the assets yet tho? ()

MD & MC agree: = deadly hypocrisy.

Eastleigh: let’s vote for local 🟡 hard-workers May 5th.
Plenty of delayed weddings for the other lot to DJ ()

Did someone say Beveragino @SlugLettuce? Nope, cos no one ever said that + I go boozer for fry-up .

Celebrating streaming via Beastly’s @DistroKid after ransomed us to keep it up @YvngError for you lot to to! () Ceru.Li/sten-drink

Holla @JasrajHothi for curating his Twitter (and M.b @jasraj) ().

And to Twitter for failing to curate theirs

Twitter: bought on single human’s whim

MC Beastly 📺:
> “It a fringe show, runt of the litter” -

Til Musk ‘frees’ up 3rd-party-video, you’ll have to click onto the open-web to see.

We got free-speech already and worth bloodclaat more than 44b ()

📺 1b&2 ():
Dante: brave
Joy: moves from Gove 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿
Axel: don’t do him wrong like Nabil
Hope: 🌍
TomBall: if I (James) Risk it all
Mary P: real name?
Susi: yes Amanda 🤣 at Piers. Diss verse @ Railway..
Born to Perform: @BeastlyBoyBen called buzz

when you put genre as rap @DistroKid assumes Lyrics explicit. Wasn’t build for beastly wordplay ()

You know it’s Saturday at 3 in the @VanaramaNL when they’re doing a back-4 heading drill. Good to be back at my first @EastleighFC game since back from Silver Lake 🇺🇸 () ...

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