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Added “Come Home” (Ceru.Li/sten-come-home) to @DistroKid ’s 2 near services: Africa’s @BoomplayMusic and 1st stream-safe service @Pretzel_Rocks. Anyone tried Pretzel? Does it help with IG Live too? 🎵

Today big personal milestone for me in :
🎵 First Cerulean single out now: Ceru.Li/sten-Come-Home
📺 Official Music Video premiere YouTube 5pm:
🤳 Join in with

Just got round to checking out @MelodyVR soon to Known As @Napster. Some neat free content to enjoy, even if no headset, like this behind-scenes session with @PixieLott: | 🎵

Online copyright is major source of musician lockdown revenue. Such a shame to see cops abusing the system for censorship. Copyright system is so broken: don’t assume it will look after artists: actively donate instead. 🎵

Media: heard about this viral TikTok hit out of nowhere?! | Me: “Oh it’s a @Disney star from who’s already signed to @Interscope” | It’s 💯 + needs to be 🦻, but 📣 actual too: we NEED your support!

Cool to read about @NetNewsWire founder Brent Simmons getting back into music production hobby. Wish everyone in spoke as enthusiastically about a tool like (“omg you’re not even using ”). Important to gain perspective.

I was lucky enough to spend the day of @YouTube “Life in a Day 2020” with my Granddad David: | 📺 🍿

Hey Social Media,
Catch you on the flip side for big Feb with release of “Come Home” on the 17th!
First must gather my energies, using @TheLightPhone for a week
Cerulean x Ceru.Li/sten-come-home

Proud to feat. in @MASRecords special of @SAFOMusicGroup Social . Run it up & support awesome incl. @official.phephe + my boi @YvngErrorOfficial who made semis: |

World’s biggest distributor @DistroKid announces “Upstream” to allow their member to get approached by labels for a deal on the artist’s terms. Now there is officially 0 reason to use label-backed like |

was one of first buys in I believe ‘95. 25 years later logical conclusion: it’s a front for Amazon ads (under the guise of an overdue UI overhaul). Time to to @Letterboxd | 🍿

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