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Dope to have @ShowcaseCinemas in Soton now. But all sequels: Spiderman, Matrix, King’s Man, Batman. 🍿
will stick with Shhhwan Centre ()

Finished reading: Dissolution (1st Matthew Shardlake Tudor Mystery) by C. J. Sansom 📚
Quick: Dom Cummings is a modern Lord Cromwell, wellness antivaxxers act like religious fanatics. More in Dec FirstWeek vlog Mon 13th.

Ppl who don’t mind signing in with g00g or bookie: go vote for my tourmate @YvngError ’s banger “Sometimes” (my #1 played lockdown song) | at least give it a listen, it’s lush | 🎵

Some good shouts from Sopel (maybe Kuennsberg’s replacement?)
I for one and v. Thankful to be heading Stateside in Jan!

I thought syncing my M.b “Currently Reading” on my about page was neat. But when Bill Gates wants to share what he’s reading, it’s a Hollywood production!
See this bizarre foresight of wealth -> influence in the video age of Socials

(via @Munish - 📚 )

I recommend artists to demo drafts publicly. Plagiarism risk is low, and you stand to gain from inspired insights like this a year later from promising amateur songwriter @PolicyGlot (🎵 )

Fully back @The_Portraits quest for John Lewis to donate for ripping off their slow “Together in Electric Dreams”, but picking a song which Sheeran himself famously broke copyright on for their own sequel probably isn’t the best look! (🎵 )

Thank you @adamhillscomedy for the honour 🇦🇺 ! Do you think Border Control would accept this for an Xmas Down Under?! ()

We’re sat right behind Hillsy & guests (Jodie Whittaker, and Darren Harriot) so should be able to see us on @TheLastLeg. As you can see, @SfcBen is v. Excited for the show: xmas pres smashed! ()

Tune into C4 at 10pm to try spot @SfcBen & I in @TheLastLeg audience ()

1st look at AirTable “Interfaces” for simple collab - which @ChrisDancy beta-tested & predicted in our interview 🧙‍♂️(guide) — 👍 cleaner for non-tech collaborators | 👎 requires an account i.e. extortionate on Pro ( for )

This FirstWeek (see vlog for review) I Finished reading: The Christmas Pig by J. K. Rowling & On Chesil Beach by Ian McEwan 📚 ()

FirstWeek vlog | @TheLightPhone II : Voice-To-Text👍 | 💿 @cinningbao @MTImmonsMusic | 📚 @jk_rowling 🎄, McEwan, PKD --- (11/12 FirstWeek 2021 ):

And it ended 2-0 to the South Coast. Saints score got cutoff first time, but this photo from 30mins in is still accurate!
(⚽️ )

Jeff Stelling’s a legend no doubt (Middlesborough rant). But shame he’s going out on a season where - when his colleague Merson lost £7m gambling - he stooged for SkyBet. (⚽️ )

Loved how @SoccerAM hosts pointed out that mixtapes are just less confident albums to SX | still artists who aren’t gonna stay : send your 🎵 to @WolvesRecordsUK looks dope ()

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