I'm terrible with introductions, but here we go, I guess. My name is Chad McCullough. I live in the St. Louis area. I'm an advocate for Linux, Security, and Privacy. I'm a bike, public transit, safe streets advocate, runner, Socialist, and Vegan (for the animals - Always). Currently working at Liquid Web and I love WordPress, even though I've owned a domain for years but still haven't built a personal site. That's changing, and changing soon. 😀

@chadmccullough 👋🏻 Welcome Chad! Privacy is super-important these days. I wish more people would realize that.

First thing I did before signing up for Mastodon was look at how it makes money, because that’s the telltale sign of what's up.

@chadmccullough For anyone else reading this, he is also a really nice guy. Follow him!

@chadmccullough I wish there was a bigger complete streets/cycling community here! 👋 from L.A.

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