Not everyone gets to be the protagonist in a coming-of-age story. Some just play their part in someone else’s story.

Just gave the last exam for this semester. I am no longer a freshman at college! (I guess)

📽 Watched: Escape Room ⭐️⭐️+💀

A crazy try to publish a post through Telegram

I love being taught about mostly everything.

Rain rain go away
Come again another day
England and West Indies want to play

“What a man can do and what a man can’t do.” - Jack Sparrow

I have never heard cricket commentary on a radio, but here I am today listening to the first Test between England and West Indies on BBC Radio 5.

Spent too much time playing Airport CEO tonight 🤦🏻 I did get a hang of all the new updates from the past year though.

When I get my hands on a box of cherries I can’t really stop myself. Same goes for grapes, pineapple and dragon fruit.

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