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i really hope that you people on this website realize i'm much more than a hot girl with flagrantly unreasonable demands and an unwillingness to be or do anything unlike a cartoon villain. i'm also the future of racketeering and naval combat.

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feel free at all times when i post selfies to leave replies and boost. i literally love that kind of thing!

she's so cute and also one of a genius. you are all so lucky i am here to tell you this.

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gonna try out a cool trick to distract amelia while she's working

i am what as known as a "lady that's like the size of her bed, pretty much"

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i think at some point during the night she realized her tiny bed wasn't enough for two to sleep comfortably in so she moved to the couch, which i feel bad about

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i have no memory of why i woke up in amelia's bed and why she's on the couch.

selfie, charlotte, amelia, wifeful 


playing ttt with my melia and giggling every time she does something cute

my hammock nap got rained out. who did this. i'm going to bonk you on the head for what you did to me

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