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i really hope that you people on this website realize i'm much more than a hot girl with flagrantly unreasonable demands and an unwillingness to be or do anything unlike a cartoon villain. i'm also the future of racketeering and naval combat.

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feel free at all times when i post selfies to leave replies and boost. i literally love that kind of thing!

*violently smashing my fists on the table* i !! wanna !! hug !! my !! wife !!

"du bist making me sehr krank mit dir, Schnuppi (german dog name)," says some guy that lives in berlin. "if you do not machen mit der qviet, i vill not you a schnitzel treat tonight gegeben!"

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german people say things like "ach du lieber! schtop! halt der verfucking ßarking" when they have a noisy dog. austrians too

@chemelia it'd feel like a waste of a plane ticket, honestly. it's just a week, darling! besides, would you rob me of getting picked up at the airport by the most beautiful woman i've ever met?

trying to mentally combine the concepts of "egoism", "egotism", and "Drop the T" into a coherent joke about a hypothetical freak but i'm just too groggy. can i delegate this one

being this cute and hot is truly a great burden

selfy, charlotte, eye contact 

hey. look at me. look at me right now or else.

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