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fuck it here's the short story I wrote last spring

a biopunk detective story
cw: some harassment, transphobia, gore

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capitalism, sci fi, really good writing 

I am thinking of that one convo from heat signature about capitalism as an evil rogue AI

you know the game design class is getting serious when he whips out that "ludonarrative dissonance"

staying up til 1am texting my wife my candlelight :blobmiou:

all I really want is to live inside a poly lesbian commune inside an overgrown brick building in the middle of a city

uploading my consciousness into a sam sung smart fridge


I"m would simpley,, like to get absolutely Railed by a powerful lady

I haven't even earned my suffering

it just materialized like everything else

nothing bad has ever even happened to me

I've lived an immensely privileged life and it's still not enough for me

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all I want to do is help people and make them happy and all I seem to do is make everything worse

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bandcamp link, boosts++ 

i just finished a new song for the first time in ages, i hope yall enjoy it !! πŸ–€
(also !! fun fact: this is first album art with my new logo !!!)

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my skin gets so soft after i shave n moisturize n it makes me so euphoric aa :blobmiou:

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boosts more than welcome I will wither into dust without external validation

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