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howdy, i'm amelia jade!

i am a 19-yr-old white transgendered polyamorous lesbian (into anyone who isn't super masc). i am some kind of libertarian socialist, but i love all lefties!

i have depression, anxiety, and more!!

i have too many interests, but to name a few:
[biology/evolution, chemistry, game design, folklore and mythology, girls, ttrpgs, drawing, painting, psychology, neuroscience, bicycling, computers, theater, VR, girls, music composition, hiking, writing, baking, politics]

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🚨 i am extremely flirty w/ mutuals sometimes and if i cross any boundaries or become annoying please yell at me!! 🚨

usually i just let my friends post this and then i boost it but. i'm so fucking gay holy shit

mysterious subtoot 

yes they're about you :blobmiou:

currently blushing from being compared to waffles

kobold gf that steals your clothes because it likes wearing oversized shirts


getting skin touched with cold hands,,,

boob/hrt/surgery talk 

my intuition is saying like 3 years but i dunno if that's based on anything

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boob/hrt/surgery talk 

how long do i wait to grow my own boobs before i start thinking about top surgery

hydrophilic but without a single heteroatom in my body... a true chemical mystery

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how do i tell someone "sorry for not messaging very much i think you're cute and cool but i don't have anything to say"

I'm the nAp friend

If you wAnt to nAp but cAn't fAlll Asleeep just use me As A pilllow, nobody know why but it just works


is it generally regarded as endorsement or approval to be federated with an instance? because i wouldn't have assumed that

it is absolutely unfathomable to me how they program AI bots in like fps games

Do They Like Me or Are They Just Being Nice: an Autobiography

if you want to see something similar but a little more involved, check out my little abstract painting tool AMELIART

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