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🚨 i am extremely flirty w/ mutuals sometimes and if i cross any boundaries or become annoying please yell at me!! 🚨

sea shanties are cool?

always have been
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*slams my fist into the ground, creating a large shockwave* IM NOT FOR EVERYONE AND THATS OKAY

height-related stuff, low key subtoot 

seeing cute people who are shorter than me :blob_cat_aww:
seeing cute people who are taller than me 🥺

for context,,, I'm around 168cm (5'4")


(i'm ~1.6m [5'3"] and she's ~2.0m [6'6"])

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non-lewd image with lewd energy 

@charlattan and i when we finally meet in person

i like that my name fits so many syllables in so few characters >:)

i wonder if this is an internet amerocentrism thing or if it's just

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i think it's pretty funny how i go to sleep and wake up at approximately the same moment as my friends who are 7 hours ahead of me


I love how when I sit down my thighs go :blob_cat: :blob_cat_melt:

straight-up, if we interact semi-regularly and you ask me to be your gf i will very likely say yes

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one day i hope to run out of different heart emojis for all the gfs in my bio

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