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howdy, i'm amelia jade!

i am a 19-yr-old white transgendered polyamorous lesbian (into anyone who isn't super masc). i am some kind of libertarian socialist, but i love all lefties!

i have depression, anxiety, and more!!

i have too many interests, but to name a few:
[biology/evolution, chemistry, game design, folklore and mythology, girls, ttrpgs, drawing, painting, psychology, neuroscience, bicycling, computers, theater, VR, girls, music composition, hiking, writing, baking, politics]

charlotte update 

charlotte is eating a samdwich

psa announce cement 

my gf is literally so gay i bet no one knows this yet

thinking about... communism... game design... virology...

if you or a loved one has suffered from Discourse you may be entitled to financial compensation

the wisdom of the purple feline 

put the boat back
add dinosaur friends back into firefox
kittens are cellphones
trans rights

sigma genderfae person
which bitches will they disregard today

@chemelia woke up at 2am and ate grass for an hour. on that #SigmaEnby grind 💪 😤

@chemelia when i was smaller i used to occasionally eat daisies
shit slapped apparently


markov chain generated toot 

this is pretty fast, a bit unsure if i should tbh,,,wanna come cuddle,,, 👉👈

unfortunately, we never found a beige enough device on which to play the dang thing

are you telling me there's no ethical vore under capitalism

considering trying out samurai gunn 2 but i am so bad at fighting type games it's not even funny

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