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howdy, i'm amelia jade!

i am a 19-yr-old white transgendered polyamorous lesbian (into anyone who isn't super masc). i am some kind of libertarian socialist, but i love all lefties!

i have depression, anxiety, and more!!

i have too many interests, but to name a few:
[biology/evolution, chemistry, game design, folklore and mythology, girls, ttrpgs, drawing, painting, psychology, neuroscience, bicycling, computers, theater, VR, girls, music composition, hiking, writing, baking, politics]

hey you! loyal followers! i've moved to

if you want to keep up with my shenanigans, follow me there

hrt, anxiety 

ha ha imagine getting substandard results on your endocrinology blood tests and not doing anything about it for 6 months because you're afraid of communicating with doctors. couldn't be me (it is me)

pros of drinking seltzer: i like it, it taste good
cons of drinking seltzer: i like it so much that i drink a lot of them and get a stomachache

markov chain generated toot 

oh noi was talking about asdgjkhadsg

new gender just dropped 

garter belt dagger sheath


ICON has a lot of cool ideas but it has *so many* cool ideas that it comes off as cumbersome. i would have to try it for myself to be sure tho, maybe it's just the way it's written that seems overwhelming

you were supposed to bring balance to the horse, not leave it in darkness!!

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an analysis of the apparent controversy surrounding the enumeration and classification of my balls

no context 

elon musk battles cheeto and pot soup for the cloud-enabled machine learning powered by ethereum on Bitch Island

there is a delicate balance to nature that must not be recklessly meddled with but also fucking delete mosquitoes from the planet thanks


just learned that one of the most sought-after perfume ingredients is sperm whale shit which floats to the surface, gets oxidized by the sun, and washes ashore

biden doesn't want you to know that charlotte stompy real

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