@er1n same!!! I'm doing some worldbuilding inspired by mongolian culture and I found this totally by accident

@chemelia oooooooh that sounds rly cool!! i absolutely love the structure of these though glyphs holy shit

@chemelia if you like this you should check out the manchu script :3

@chemelia here were my attempts at it (i probably did not do justice) as a part of my "writing out every unicode character" project. (also some Khmer and Unified Aboriginal Syllabics)

@chemelia We always think of the mongols as this massive chaotic barbarian horde and completely ignore the amount of bureaucracy and administration (and therefore paperwork) running an efficient empire takes. And for that you need a standardised form of writing.

@chemelia ahh this looks so cool! it feels very different from the script i've been seeing around 😮 is the one i attached to this post more like a cursive form of what you've posted?

@adalbertsen from what I can tell, the folded script is like a formal or decorative version of the traditional script!

@chemelia ohh, that sounds interesting! i thought it was for printing, but i've found other writing systems for mongolian

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