2020 ♂️ -> 2021 ♀️

[transition selfies, ec, boosts ✔]

@chemelia See, if I'd only seen the first picture with no context I'd've thought "fuck they're cute", but then you put the second picture next to it and then brain goes "FUCK THEY'RE CUTE"

@heyitme bUH thank you!! :blobmiou:

that's my reaction to every one of your photos tbh,,,

@br0thbabe aww ❤ i'm not super confident in my appearance yet but i know that i feel much better than i ever have!!

@chemelia daaaaaaaaaaang you went from cute to CUUUUTE!!!!

@Squiddy hehe thank you!! i was basically a femboy to begin with but estrogen certainly helped!!

@er1n probably having such low testosterone helped,,, i was at like 130 ng/dL before anything and this pic was after about 2 months of hrt!

@chemelia kvsnzkjndkzjn omg

i really wish my doctor had baselined me because im ,,, really curious what i was at before

@chemelia after all your gushing over everyone's cute new year's selfies on the tl you manage to put up the best one yet!

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