howdy, i'm amelia jade!

i am a 19-yr-old white transgendered polyamorous lesbian (into anyone who isn't super masc). i am some kind of libertarian socialist, but i love all lefties!

i have depression, anxiety, and more!!

i have too many interests, but to name a few:
[biology/evolution, chemistry, game design, folklore and mythology, girls, ttrpgs, drawing, painting, psychology, neuroscience, bicycling, computers, theater, VR, girls, music composition, hiking, writing, baking, politics]

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intro pt. 2 

call me amelia by default, but you can also use jade, amy, or leah/lia if you want!

i appreciate all interaction (even from the haters and the losers), so boost at will, and feel free to flirt if i know you and you're not super masc!

careful though, if you give me attention i Will fall in love with you

i'm dumb as hell so if i make a bad take or make anyone uncomfy please let me know so i can know better!!

seeya 'round, cowpoke

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