purring tutorial:

1) make a "kuh" sound, just like you normally would pronounce a K
2) now shift the arch if your tongue back a little and do the same thing - it should sound a little squishier now, like "khuh"
3) hold your tongue there and exhale through the gap. adjust the height of your tongue until it vibrates
4) now close your mouth most of the way, just leave a small gap for the air to escape


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@chemelia how do you do the inhaly part of the purr...

@deejvalen it can work on inhale if you keep your tongue in the same exact place, but it takes practice!

@chemelia :blobcatpeek:​

which bit is the arch of your tongue exactly

@00dani just the part that bends to touch the roof of your mouth when you make the "kuh" sound!

@chemelia fun fact you might care about: this sound is how you pronounce the letter "r" in German: we purr all the time. Very cat-friendly nation.

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