nonbinary folks!
do you like the term "enby" as a noun for referring to you?

@chemelia honestly, if i didn't pick the noun, it's akin to namecalling

@chemelia i used to be unsure about it but now it's growing on me tbh 😊

@chemelia I use the term for myself and others who I know are comfortable with it, but i wouldn't without asking first

GG: i used to like it quite a bit!! but, mostly due to learning and looking deeper into other intersections of identity and expression within myself, ive felt less able to connect with... most larger crowds of identity-havers, i suppose
GG: in that way enby has lost its personal charm for me, but im still very glad it exists for anyone who does love it!!

@chemelia I used to like it a lot and like,, I still use it but it's become kinda meh

@chemelia I use it but I try to avoid using it for other people who I don't know are okay with it.

@chemelia imo, enby is to nonbinary as girl is to woman or boy is to man

@chemelia I like it when friends use it but not if strangers do so

@chemelia i'm enby :dragnuwu:
i refer to myself as enby mainly. i don't think i've ever referred to anyone else as enby unless they refer to themselves that way

@chemelia I find it infantilizing/cringey and get really angry at people who refer to me as such — while feeling wary of people who do enthusiastically use it

@chemelia I'm still unsure if I even am nonbinary enough to call myself that, but hey, you didn't pay for my thoughts, so:
I like the term as a general shorter way to say "nonbinary", and have used it as such in the past. But I've been trying to stop doing that recently. Not that it's a bad term by any means, I just think that it might be good and useful to have a nonbinary term for children, in the same way there's girl and boy. Although then we'd need an adult one as well, and what would that be? Enban?
But given the current meaning of the word, I would be perfectly OK being called an enby, in a way that I wouldn't be for girl.

@chemelia i dont really have an opinion on it, i don’t especially like it but i don’t dislike it either

@chemelia I'd be warmer to it if there wasn't already huge biases regarding age and AGAB in the nonbinary world.

@chemelia I don't have strong feelings about it, but I like it okay. To me it's just a way of writing NB and it doesn't feel cute or babyish, but I do think people are valid for taking it that way

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