I have such a massive smile on my face rn ><

thank you so much for this :blobcatmelt:

@chemelia fr though that had a bigger positive effect on me in 10 seconds than therapy has had in a year...

@chemelia wait did you almost fall over at the end or was that intentional

@heartles i was uhhh bowing. yeah. i'm too graceful and poised to almost fall over aha

@chemelia OHMYGODS THIS VIDEO IS SO CUTE UR SO ADORABLE WTH I WANNA PICK U UP N SPIN AROUND W U amelia so got dang pwetty i MELT every time i see this post,,

@chemelia i have seen this enough times i can now see it is a looped visual with some kind of weird filter over it for techno sets...

Kinda wanna do that now

@chemelia like. If edit the right way it could easily be somewhere around 100-120bpm for you to finish the spin.

Is it weird that i notice these things 0.o

@chemelia I have been informed it is THE BEST meme. I'm super happy about this

@chemelia omg your skirt is so spinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnny and AMAZING!! You look so delightful and happy! I love it!!!!

@chemelia this actually gave me so much joy, i smiled as much as you did. thank you 💛

@chemelia Am I allowed to be insanely jealous of your hair?

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