looking for headphone reccomendations, boosts appreciated 

tired of repeatedly buying and breaking shitty headphones. i'm looking for some nice ones that are:
- under $200
- over-ear
- sturdy
- bluetooth
- come in not-black

i don't care about noise cancellation or isolation. sound quality is great and all but i probably won't even notice it

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currently looking at some refurbished sony wh-1000xm4 on ebay but that's probably fancier than i need

options so far:
-refurbished sony xm4 ($180)
-refurbished v-moda crossfade 2 codex ($170)
-new jabra elite 85h ($150)
-refurbished sennheiser momentum 3 wireless ($140)
-refurbished sennheiser HD450 ($130)
-refurbished skullcandy crusher evo ($110)

@chemelia well I got the xm3 and they're worth every cent

@chemelia I have a Sennheiser HD 4.50 BTNC and they check off all these boxes and a couple more:

1. Awesome sound, I like it better than the Sony.
2. 3.5mm fallback if I ever lose battery in the middle of something (I'm terrible at remembering to recharge).
3. Don't break, great material.
4. Replaceable earpads, since you might want to keep using them for long.
5. Great noise cancellation, but toggleable.

And a bunch more that I take for granted everyday.

@chemelia I can't help you out sadly but atleast it's nice that you are looking at refurbs instead of going full consoomer and buying only new : >

Sennheisers are reliable and some models have replacement parts. I had one pair for 8 years. Skullcandy is a gimmick brand, I wouldn't recommend them. The rest...not sure :X

looking for headphone reccomendations, boosts appreciated 

@chemelia i like to get a one plug headset with adapter for the computer, thin ears without the soft padding. I dont need gold tipped plugs. what do you thiink?

@chemelia Sennheiser HD 350/450BTs fit the bill
* 450BTs are normally exactly $200 (199.95) but are currently on sale for 128
* 350BTs (otherwise) are a lot cheaper
* they come in white
* I have a set of 350BTs, they're over-ear (closer to around-ear than some other ones, but nothing like the 650s)
* they're relatively sturdy, but this would be the weakest point; though mine are still going strong

looking for headphone reccomendations, boosts appreciated 

@chemelia @Rheall If you are ok with the Amazon refurb warranty you can get a pair of sony wh-1000xm4 In silver for 199 right now. If you shop around and are flexible on color you can find sony wh-1000xm3s for close to 200. If you want wired drop.com has some nice deals right now. Requires a sign up.

re: looking for headphone reccomendations, boosts appreciated 

@chemelia i have the jabra elite 85h, i am mostly pretty happy with them (battery life is very good, they feel pretty sturdy and have survived being in the rain a few times, and they're pretty comfy)

things i am less happy about:
- sometimes they just crash and reboot (often when i do something like walk out of bluetooth range of my laptop)
- you have two options, either "voice announcements that gets on your nerves after a bit" or "bleep bloops that would be fine except they're Deafeningly Loud Holy Shit"
- the firmware is generally pretty buggy, sometimes if you use them with an audio cable plugged in then you unplug the cable wrong (what "wrong" is i have not yet worked out) then they'll only play audio in the left ear until either you plug the cable back in or they magically fix themselves somehow (turning off and on again does not work)
- every time you plug the audio cable in the volume goes three notches too high and they start hissing in your ears until you turn it down again

jabra also stop providing any support the moment you say "i use these with my computer" because they're only ""optimised"" for phones or some garbage, which sucks

headphone recommendation, long-ish post 

@chemelia I can personally recommend the BeoPlay H7 and H8 headphones. They have a sturdy aluminum headband which makes them virtually indestructible in day-to-day use. I've been using these headphones for well over four years and they're still holding up nicely.

The H7 are over-ear headphones, support bluetooth or headphone jack, and come in multiple colors (black, natural leather, grey). The same goes for the H8, but these are on-ear headphones.

While both the H7 and H8 headphones were originally quite expensive (certainly above the $200 limit you set), they came out a while ago (not sure when exactly, but certainly before 2018), so you might be able to find someone selling it in your price range.

Bonuses would be...

exchangeable earpads
exchangeable audio cable
exchangeable battery
noise cancellation (Bluetooth only)
media controls (Bluetooth only)
inbuilt microphone (Bluetooth only, significantly reduces audio quality)

The only drawback I personally see is that I do find it to be more on the heavy side, so wearing it for more than 1-2 hours may get uncomfortable.

looking for headphone reccomendations, boosts appreciated 

@chemelia Not sure how important the bluetooth is, but if it isn't a hard requirement I would wholeheartedly recommend Beyer DT 880s. My friend recently got em and holy fuckin shit they're so nice

(If bluetooth is a hard requirement, sorry just ignore. I'd probably go with the momentum 3 then? $140 for one of those is one hell of a deal)

looking for headphone reccomendations, boosts appreciated 

@chemelia lmao sorry to be that person who answers a different question than you asked, but I thought it was worth mentioning in case it's more of a nice bonus than a requirement

Open-back headphones really are just something else and aaaaaa they're fuckin awesome

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