[ghoul voice] capitalism is the most efficient system, smoothskin

wow. so you're transgendered? thats so cool. hahaha

ochem professor gives his dogs rice treats if the class picks the right answer

trespassing, copyright infringement and jaywalking are bullshit crimes

that kind of stuff shouldn't be illegal

re: accidental homophobia?? kinda 

@FirstProgenitor damn, cis really is more unstable than trans

accidental homophobia?? kinda 

See now this is why we need queer chemists

@supercritical hard to say! my feeling is that most people would be much less interested but the curiosity of adventurers would skyrocket

sadthread, mh--- (depression?), suicide 

ah yes, feeling genuinely worthless and unimportant now

there is not one special thing about me. the only thing I've ever been good at is following instructions and memorizing pointless facts

hard for me to believe I have the capacity to create anything of value or enrich anyone's life

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sadthread, mh--- (lonely), suicide 

earlier tonight I thought about calling a suicide hotline but I didn't want to inconvenience them with my worthless life lol

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sadthread, mh--- (lonely) 

I also have a really hard time holding the conversations I do manage to participate in because I'm dumb as hell and I know nothing about anything

& I hate linking things back to myself because I fully believe that my life is boring and worthless and nobody cares about it

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sadthread, mh--- (lonely) 

I think part of all this is that I hate myself so much that it's hard for me to believe anyone could actually value or enjoy my presence.

I convince myself that they're only acting nice out of pity, to make me feel better, or because they're afraid to speak up about how uncomfortable I make them

it seems to be a trend that I give people a sense of dread and anxiety just by talking to them. this is why I feel like some kind of toxic radioactive creep

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