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I absolutely do not care how old I get blanket forts are the shit

I would simpley like to..... provide for cute girls and give them emotional support

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cosmo sheldrake really out here making a whole album of bird noises

I've never done cocaine but I think caffeine + anxiety + very loud synthwave is close enough

calling physics 'particle lore' and physicists the 'particle fandom'

capitalism, sci fi, really good writing 

I am thinking of that one convo from heat signature about capitalism as an evil rogue AI

you know the game design class is getting serious when he whips out that "ludonarrative dissonance"

all I really want is to live inside a poly lesbian commune inside an overgrown brick building in the middle of a city

uploading my consciousness into a sam sung smart fridge


I"m would simpley,, like to get absolutely Railed by a powerful lady

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