house with your entire polycule in it, call it the home of sexuals

Me looking in the bathroom mirror first thing in the morning

"Think about current events after catnip? Surely you must be joking." #Caturday

People are telling you all about themselves today. Listen, and remember.


Jennifer Rourke--a progressive Black woman running for Rhode Island state senate--was punched in the face last night by her anti-choice cop Republican opponent. this is the kind of person we are funding when we talk about funding the police


It's a pretty terrible week for the humans here in the US, but these issues reach far beyond the borders and affect people across the world. And I'm just a cat with no influence or real ability to help other than to hopefully lift a spirit or two. So I don't really have a reason or funny bit for these pictures, they're just some nice #cat pictures for the internet.

It took me a while to reach the point with him where I can do this. #Cats


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