'Science' is not neutral because 'science' is conducted by humans and humans have biases, period. The good thing about science is *not* that it's neutral but that it provides a mechanism for accountability.

As long as you have humans in the equation (and *yes*, that includes humans training AIs, motherfuckers), there *will* be bias. There *will* be narrative selection. And y'all should think a *lot* before unquestioningly using it to shut down trans and nb requests for inclusivity.

@chiraag That is a new thought for me, "Science is not neutral but it provides a mechanism for accountability".
Thank you!


I adore this quote: "'Science' is not neutral because 'science' is conducted by humans and humans have biases, period."

Also, invoking science to try to shut down questions about gender identity is a stupid move anyway because the latest biological research shows that sex determination is really freaking complicated

I think that transphobes who think science supports their opinion don't really understand the science.

Disclosure: I am cis and have a PhD in biology (though not with a focus in mammalian biology).

@chiraag Science as we know it largely came into being hand in hand with colonialism. Governments funded research to build better warships and to send naturalists and other scientists crawling around on all the land they conquered to catalogue and hoist up like trophies. All those Royal Academies weren’t just in it for the nobility of discovery, and it was no mere happenstance that Darwin got his ride to the Galapagos on a British Navy warship.

William of Ockham was basically raring to go to kick off a scientific revolution in the 13th / 14th century, but without the wealth and motivation of furthering imperial power, the economic and social structures to make it happen just weren’t there.

“Sapiens” is a really good book and the chapter on the history of the scientific revolution is pretty fuckin’ lit.

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