Climate change is *already happening*. The first world (made up of mostly colonizing nations) simply wants to pretend that it's in the far future because it's more convenient to pretend our actions can still continue "until it gets too urgent" than it is to face the reality that we fucked up the planet and other people are currently paying the price.

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This shit is *already* happening, and the first world simply doesn't care.

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It's not an accident that the countries that largely *caused* the climate crisis are also the ones that can push off the consequences for the longest time. First World countries fucked up the world and they simply don't care.

It's also not an accident that the countries that are facing the climate crisis *now* are largely poorer island nations. Colonialism is alive and well, folks, except it lives under a new name: capitalism.

Capitalism simply means that these countries are "too poor" to access the technology needed to push off the climate crisis. But we shouldn't at all interrogate *why* those countries "happen" to be poor, right? That's just...nature.

The racism inherent in pretending the *real* climate crisis is yet to come is almost never actually interrogated, though. The targets set for global emissions at the Paris climate conference in 2014 were only lowered to *more manageable* levels because of significant begging and pleading on the part of nations which will *cease to fucking exist* because of the actions of colonizing nations.

And the "more manageable" levels? They only might guarantee the islands won't disappear entirely.

Even in today's discourse surrounding climate change, everything is centered around what is "manageable" for first world countries, not what is *necessary* for the survival of the Global South. And *again*, that framing is never actually interrogated.

If we center the Global South in the conversation, the goals look *radically* different.

Island countries are feeling the effects *today*, what the *fuck* makes people think "we have until 2050"?

Compromise only looks reasonable to those who don't see the whole picture. Compromise is only the "sensible" goal for those who center whiteness and the Global North.

You want "reasonable"? Monetary reparations to colonized countries from the colonizer. Unencumbered knowledge transfer. These things only look unreasonable to those who prefer the status quo. But the status quo kills people.

@chiraag In New Zealand, we can't seriously that climate breakdown is some future event. But we can still fingerpoint, and otherwise not do enough to combat it.

We have plenty of climate refugees coming here.

Just since I've arrived in Nelson has experienced numerous once-in-a-mellenium floods. And I've seen a recent fire (which I saw from my windows) blamed on climate breakdown.

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