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Stallman is back on the board of the Free Software Foundation. A man who created a toxic environment for women at MIT for decades, whose bad take on Marvin Minsky's connection to Jeffrey Epstein was tantamount to rape-apologetics, is being allowed to return to the board, which just goes to show how toxic the FSF is.

They blamed it on a politically-motivated campaign of lies and misinformation. Without explaining or responding to how direct quotes from RMS are lies, and testimony from numerous women coming forward, they didn't address the "lies." Because they aren't lies. Stallman is the worst kind of academic leftist and I hope the FSF collapses under his leadership.

I guess we can add RMS to the list of uncancelled "cancelled" people 😒

are you people serious about "basically no one" supporting the iraq war??? uhhh whites were bloodthirsty savages out for muslim blood and overdosed on cable news saying saddam had ties to the 9/11 hijackers

@nemobis @volt4ire Yes.…


So Substack has an editorial policy, but no accountability. And they have terms of service, but no enforcement. If you listen to Hamish, they don’t even hire writers! They just give money to people who write things that happen to be on Substack. It’s the usual Silicon Valley sleight-of-hand move, very similar to Uber reps claiming drivers aren’t “core” to their business.


they made the cdc change the fucking covid guidelines from 6ft to 3ft so they could reopen schools while still being within them. christ. i can’t get over how transparently evil this is.

Megi, renowned #PinePhone kernel developer, has posted his first update in 2021, detailing progress and plans:

Need Tusky but can't get it from the Play Store anymore?

You can find all sorts of Android apps on F-Droid, which you can get here:

Elon wants to out tens of thousands of satellites in our sky. There's only 9,000 stars, by comparison, that are visible to the unaided human eye. Imagine looking up and seeing nothing but what Apartheid emeralds and taxpayer subsidies can buy.

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I would be glad if #Haskell tutorials put less emphasis on point-free coding and more on print-free debugging.

Being a private business owner, it has sickened me that companies like Uber and Lyft classify their employees as "Independent Contractors."

Every small business person knows that the IRS watches small businesses like a hawk (as they should) with respect to independent contractors because unscrupulous employers try to avoid paying health insurance, unemployment insurance, worker's compensation insurance, retirement benefits, Social Security/Medicare tax, and any other benefits.

And the taxpayers bail out the workers while the owners whistle all the way to the bank. These companies are really 'the takers' that Mitt Romney complained about.

As Uber avoided paying into unemployment, the federal government helped thousands of its drivers weather the pandemic:

(Image description)

“I was really upset that homeless people did not have access to the $1,400 stimulus check.

I just found this out. If you are homeless, you can go to a tax return office where they will file something called EIP return. They will put the money on a debit card after.”


(Via: Hamdia Ahmet)

@aral Sadly, the same is true for Accessibility on Linux, too. None of the big dollars that those Linux server makers like Canonical or Red Hat make, really go into accessibility effort that drive that effort forward. Yes they are members of the Gnome foundation, and yes there is accessibility somewhere in the statements, but the actual work is left to a hand full of people working for different other orgs, but have no official backing from high above in the management chain of said foundations.

@tripu Please explain to me how I’m dismissing it when everything I do is FOSS? Read what I said: it’s an element of the solution, it does not, by itself, constitute the solution (to providing an alternative to surveillance capitalism or for ensuring social justice in general).


“Linux” by itself doesn’t solve anything. Surveillance capitalism runs on Linux. Linux is big business. Most Linux distributions don’t give a shit about privacy/go out of their way to promote the easy use of Google, etc., on their platforms. FOSS is just one piece of the puzzle.

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