Trying something crazy today: typing slower!

I tend to type quite fast and make weird typos which can be frustrating, I'm gonna try dial things back and type a bit more *thoughtfully*. Perhaps it'll reduce frustration and make me enjoy the actual act of typing more.

Finally added some basic styling to my personal wiki, along with a few new pages such as this one on skateboarding

Cleaning out old stuff, found a ton of tech stickers I stockpiled and never used. Didn't want to just waste them, so I went to town on my skateboard instead.

Constantly wanting to learn how to build something with an Arduino but never being able to think of anything sufficiently exciting/useful enough to bother

Tried reading idea lists but nothing has sparked a real interest so far :(

Music recommendation 

Holla Mons: delightfully wonky math rock

Also good is the now-defunct Oranges who released only one album, comprised of some of the same band members

Yesterday I sat down for a couple of hours and worked through a guide on using ncurses. It feels like such a trivial thing to want to learn these days - how to draw a terminal UI - but it's kinda refreshing compared to reading about the nth new web framework

(the guide btw: )

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Early thoughts on maintaining a personal wiki: it's quite freeing to have a place to put down ideas as a work-in-progress rather than trying to flesh everything out into some kind of "finished" presentation eg blog post. And seeing it grow little by little is quite satisfying.

Following on from self-hosting my site, I'm having a crack at adding a personal wiki component to it at

It's very barebones at the moment, not even styled at all, but I feel inspired by other wikis to make it public as early as possible and let it evolve naturally over time 🙂

Alright, after a bit more tweaking and testing, my primary domain is now fully self-hosted on my Raspberry Pi at home 😀

Naturally, I had to write a blog post about it, which you can check out here:

LOL and now I can see requests proving for log4j vulnerabilities too 👀

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Ha, so after a mere few days exposed to the public internet my Pi is already getting targeted by automatic malware requests. I peeked at the access logs and can see requests that try to execute "rm -rf *" via the URL and others that try to probe for an admin login page.

More Pi fun - configured a simple webhook server using to trigger a re-build of the site whenever I push to master.

It feels strange creating a small bespoke CD workflow rather than the typical generic "dockerise everything" build process, but the speed and simplicity of this approach is really nice too!

There we go! A little bit of certbot magic and is ready to go.

I want to set up automated re-deployment of the website and test that it'll reliably come back up if the Pi restarts, but otherwise I guess there isn't much blocking me just serving my main site from it 🤔

Also hey, my first toot! Tbh I don't know exactly how I intend to use this account or engage with Mastodon. But the different communities is a nice change from Twitter!

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Experimenting with self-hosting my website... currently on a subdomain while I tinker with my Pi 🙂

(need to set up SSL certs before it works on my main domain

If all goes well I could start serving the main domain directly from there, since I doubt my site gets so much traffic as to overwhelm it.


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