Trying something crazy today: typing slower!

I tend to type quite fast and make weird typos which can be frustrating, I'm gonna try dial things back and type a bit more *thoughtfully*. Perhaps it'll reduce frustration and make me enjoy the actual act of typing more.

Finally added some basic styling to my personal wiki, along with a few new pages such as this one on skateboarding

Cleaning out old stuff, found a ton of tech stickers I stockpiled and never used. Didn't want to just waste them, so I went to town on my skateboard instead.

Constantly wanting to learn how to build something with an Arduino but never being able to think of anything sufficiently exciting/useful enough to bother

Tried reading idea lists but nothing has sparked a real interest so far :(

@sid here's a couple more on a different end of the spectrum!

Math rock is a nice energising alternative, Chon are some of the masters (imo) of this

Intervals also have some good stuff in that direction

And then I also have a playlist of random youtube mixes that are good working material

I think that's the bulk of it for my coding-specific favs, at the end of the day anything instrumental is a good bet :)

@neauoire can relate. Having built a couple mechanical keyboards thinking "I'll optimise this as I go", after the first week or so I stop tweaking altogether and just live with it / change my habits to fit it

@sid apologies for butting in but I couldn't resist the question 😅

Obviously everything depends on your tastes but a personal fav is City Girl, who does beautiful lo-fi-ish tracks

For more pure 'ambience' stuff, Helios has some amazing albums

For a more traditional electronica vibe, nervous_testpilot:

Hopefully something there is to your tastes 🙂 I'd add more but figured I'll keep it to a single toot

@d6 oh right, I totally missed that! That's a neat retro sound, I'm a sucker for sharp noise channel snares like that.

Code that generates raw sound like that is still largely magic to me but I can at least decipher stuff like the track sequencing thanks to your comments. Nicely done!

Music recommendation 

Holla Mons: delightfully wonky math rock

Also good is the now-defunct Oranges who released only one album, comprised of some of the same band members

@d6 very tempted to download uxn for the first time just to see what this sounds like (have seen a bunch about uxn but never actually run it)

Yesterday I sat down for a couple of hours and worked through a guide on using ncurses. It feels like such a trivial thing to want to learn these days - how to draw a terminal UI - but it's kinda refreshing compared to reading about the nth new web framework

(the guide btw: )

@aw this one makes me feel like I'm crawling into the brain of the owner - I like that!

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Early thoughts on maintaining a personal wiki: it's quite freeing to have a place to put down ideas as a work-in-progress rather than trying to flesh everything out into some kind of "finished" presentation eg blog post. And seeing it grow little by little is quite satisfying.

@neauoire Wow! It sounds almost as close as one could get to visiting another planet without leaving Earth. That alone is tempting even if the climate is... less than friendly 😅

@tobtobxx Here's mine! a mixture of blog and showcase stuff, but I'm starting to add a wiki component as well at 🙂

@awesomesheep48 thanks for sharing that! This actually looks just about perfect for monitoring activity on my Pi server 🙂

Following on from self-hosting my site, I'm having a crack at adding a personal wiki component to it at

It's very barebones at the moment, not even styled at all, but I feel inspired by other wikis to make it public as early as possible and let it evolve naturally over time 🙂

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