Robert (@userthree) asked about theoretical uses for #blackHoles a month or so back on one of my intro posts/threads, so here we go!

(Image is a screencap of unknown origin, please reply if you know!)
#speculativeFiction #sciFi #science #astronomy #astrophysics

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Instead of recording voiceover for the hour i had of alone time today, I played Apex Legends. And frankly, I'm fucking fine with that.

I don't think it's that the tcg creative space is saturated. I just don't think I have anything to contribute.

It's been like a month since I cut my arm and lost feeling in my fingers. It's mostly healed, but the most awkward part is trying to fish something out of my pocket and then realizing that 2 of my fingers are not in my pocket.

So... Zombies went 0-4 last night. Not sure what the issue was, but luck with card randomization played a factor. Got mana flooded multiple times in a deck with 20 lands 🙃

Bare Bones Tarot!

I may or may not have some #TarotReading spreads and correspondence. Have something you might want some insight into? I offer Bare-Bones no bull readings. Donations welcome but not at all required.

Bare-Bones Tarot means no bull, just the tools and resources necessary for a proper read.

#BareBonesTarot #Tarot #tarotreader #Tarotcards #divination #cartomancy

Working on a deck tech vid this week. Also have a bonus gameplay video that should be done tomorrow.

Still no Regional Qualifier events announced in my area. So far it's looking like Standard and Modern are the go-to formats.

Our 7 year old just had to explain to our dog that art isn't food. 🤣

It's a real shame that the Channel Fireball situation is happening. The whole distribution scheme seems like a contributing factor when it comes to widespread adoption of Flesh and Blood at a LGS level. Hopefully it gets sorted out soon.

Greasefang deck is on its way! I might have to start offloading some Commander decks soon. 🥺

It's here!

Happy #Mayday!
Fuck the bosses, fuck work, fuck the entire capitalist system!

I sincerely hope every single working-class person has a wonderful day, full of love for eachother - and for our planet.

and I sincerely hope every single rat-bastard class-traitor, and rich asshole has a terrible day!

I love all of you! if you are going out today be safe ❤! Happy #Mayday!

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