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Workers make the world - workers should run the world.

FFXIV can be really stressful but it’s also such a comfy game when you’re not rushing it.

Why is FFXIV giving me so many dialogue choices? It’s not as if it’s gonna change the outcome of the storyline lol

Democratic centralism is good, actually. It's both misunderstood and mischaracterized.

Real inch-eresting how post-coming out I played as a healer in FFXIV and now as an ardent ML I'm playing as a tank. Hmm...

If you unironically use tankie as an insult...please...grow up lmao.

If liberals and liberalism doesn’t coopt you, then it demoralizes and demobilized you. That’s the point.

Libs Last Year: Ok look no matter how bad you leftists and I might disagree on many things we have to defeat trump because we both agree that we can't keep kids in cages!

Libs Today: They're not kids in cages they're unaccompanied minor overflow facilities

Me seeing hopping on the local/federated timelines for anything longer than 1 second.

In no particular order, here are the 4 most crucial texts that shifted my thinking. These all led me to think so differently about the way struggle shapes our lives here but internationally as well. What are yours?

Organizing to fight for the cancellation of rents in the morning with political education in the afternoon, it's a good Sunday.

Today is Red Books Day! The 173rd anniversary of the publishing of the Communist Manifesto. What red book inspired y’all?

To be clear, here are the best card games:

1.) Triple Triad
2.) Pokémon
3.) Yu Gi Oh
4.) Magic

Te invitamos a conocer un poco más sobre tu sistema operativo venezolano Canaima GNU/Linux.


Nuestra primera versión fue publicada en 2007.

Y nuestra próxima versión saldrá en 2021 y tendrá como nombre código #Imawarí

¡De Venezuela para el mundo! 🇻🇪🌎


Remember when I said that after Biden won everyone was going to pretend the border camps are fine becouse orange man gone.

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