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Workers make the world - workers should run the world.

How many socialist/communist podcast hosts are actually in parties and talk about the party line rather than just individual takes that are based on what a small group or individual feels?

Maybe now that Rev Left said themselves that there are better books and scholarship on settler colonialism than Sakai from actual indigenous scholars maybe people can finally give other better scholars the credit they deserve.

Does it make me Chaotic if I respond to a toot and then like it or nah?

Read Settlers, sure. But read Marx, Lenin, Mao, Freire, Mariategui, Davis, Newton, Galeano and so many other authors as well. We do a disservice to ourselves when we don't see how these texts speak to each other, diverge and/or conflict.

The whole "real/don't read" settlers discourse is also just....tired. Settlers is an okay text at best, but with lots of questionable scholarship and un-Marxist IMO. There's plenty of Marxist scholarship on settler colonialism from indigenous Marxists or even Lenin that are by far better reads. Settlers should not be the first "Marxist" text you pick up though...

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Been seeing the whole "Socialism means you are an American patriot" discourse again. Did we miss the internationalism portion of our Marxist study? If you want to say "let's redefine patriotism to mean fighting for internationalism and learning our history as workers" then say that.

The amount of nostalgia that the Eden quest line gives me with its music is just off the charts. FFVIII has always been my favorite since it was my first.

Shadowbringers spoilers 

When Gaia said they should make a necklace from the ice. I can’t right now

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Shadowbringers spoilers 


I take a break from social media for one second and I see Fedi out here promoting AnarchoPrimitivism. I hate it

It feels nice to have been really rusty at tanking and people are patient with me to now doing a decent job tanking throughout a primal fight.

These Eden fights are so good. Love that the storyline is also really interesting that makes me want to figure out more.

Unpopular take but...where the left refuses to organize veterans to deal with their role in imperialism, the right will fill in that void.

I always come back to mastodon because I prefer the shit posting to the terminally online left on Twitter lmao.

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