I wonder how some people here have achieved thousands of followers? Are they also a business of purchasing followers here on Mastodon as well?

@clarinette I've seen "How to" videos about Mastodon from 5 years or more ago, so it's actually been around a long time.

@clarinette Those with thousands of followers are either gaming the system, or have been here a long time. As with any social network - and especially true of mastodon - you get back what you put in. If you invest yourself, you will be followed.

The absence of an algorithmic timeline means that intentional noise either gets blocked or scrolls by pretty quickly.

@jonbeckett I joined Twitter in 2008 where I have been very active. I accumulated a bit more than 6000 followers because I don’t accept rubbish spamming followers. On Twitter i am often very skeptic of whoever has thousands of followers as they tend to be faked or purchased followers.

@clarinette I have 10k followers on twitter, having been there a long time. I've maybe 30 who interact regularly. I'm not v interested in big numbers.

@clarinette I've run checks, and the number of fake followers is low. The number of active followers is also low though. Net gain one or two followers a week these days.

@Liveotherwise @clarinette similar story for me - although smaller numbers. I have approx 1600 followers on Twitter - amassed over years without really trying. I interact with a handful of people there. Big numbers are only important to marketers.

@jonbeckett @clarinette I used to blog and do reviews, was in a lot of networks. No idea how many of my followers and people I'm following are inactive, twitter denied access to a lot of tools that helped you manage that stuff

@Liveotherwise @jonbeckett I see you are a home educator. I am a strong believer on online education. Have created a curation on Pearltrees of online resources. You might have more suggestions to add

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